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105 STAT. 818 PUBLIC LAW 102-140—OCT. 28, 1991 PAYMENT TO THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE IN TAIWAN For necessary expenses to carry out the Taiwan Relations Act, Public Law 96-8 (93 Stat. 14), $13,784,000. PAYMENT TO THE FOREIGN SERVICE RETIREMENT AND DISABILITY FUND For payment to the Foreign Service Retirement and Disability Fund, as authorized by law, $112,983,000. INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS AND CONFERENCES CONTRIBUTIONS TO INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS 22 USC 269a For expenses, not otherwise provided for, necessary to meet "°*®' annual obligations of membership in international multilateral organizations, pursuant to treaties ratified pursuant to the advice and consent of the Senate, conventions or specific Acts of Congress, $842,384,000, of which not to exceed $92,719,000 is available to pay arrearages, the payment of which shall be directed toward special activities that are mutually agreed upon by the United States and the respective international organization: Provided, That none of the funds appropriated in this paragraph shall be available for a United States contribution to an international organization for the United States share of interest costs made known to the United States Government by such organization for loans incurred on or after October 1, 1984, through external borrowings. CONTRIBUTIONS FOR INTERNATIONAL PEACEKEEPING ACTIVITIES For payments, not otherwise provided for, by the United States for expenses of the United Nations peacekeeping forces, as authorized by law, $107,229,000 of which not to exceed $38,360,000 is available to pay arrearages. INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES AND CONTINGENCIES For necessary expenses authorized by section 5 of the State Department Basic Authorities Act of 1956, in addition to funds otherwise available for these purposes, contributions for the United States share of general expenses of international organizations and conferences and representation to such organizations and conferences as provided for by 22 U.S.C. 2656 and 2672 and personal services without regard to civil service and classification laws as authorized by 5 U.S.C. 5102, $5,500,000, to remain available until expended as authorized by 22 U.S.C. 2696(c), of which not to exceed $200,000 may be expended for representation as authorized by 22 U.S.C. 4085. INTERNATIONAL COMMISSIONS 22 USC 269a For necessary expenses, not otherwise provided for, to meet ^°^- obligations of the United States arising under treaties, or specific Acts of Congress, as follows: INTERNATIONAL BOUNDARY AND WATER COMMISSION, UNITED STATES AND MEXICO For necessary expenses for the United States Section of the International Boundary and Water Commission, United States and