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PUBLIC LAW 102-580—OCT. 31, 1992 106 STAT. 4863 SEC. 403. LA GUARDIA DIKE, NEW YORK. The responsibility of the Federal Government to maintain and operate a 1,400-foot earthen dike constructed by local interests in lieu of a 1,400-foot steel sheetpile breakwater authorized as part of the Flushing Bay and Creek, New York, project by the River and Harbor Act of 1962 (76 Stat. 1174) is not authorized after the date of the enactment of tMs Act. SEC. 404. ATLANTIC COAST OF NEW YORK. (a) DEVELOPMENT OF PROGRAM.— The Secretary is authorized and directed to develop a data collection and monitoring program of coastal processes for the Atlantic Coast of New York, from Coney Island to Montauk Point, with a view toward providing information necessary to develop a program, for addressing post storm actions and long-term shoreline erosion control. (b) INITIAL PLAN. —Not later than 12 months after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Secretary shall provide an initisd plan for data collection and monitoring to the Committee on Environment and Public Works of the Senate and the Committee on Public Works and Transportation of the House of Representatives. Such initial plan shall be fully coordinated with and agreed to by appropriate agencies of the State of New York. (c) AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS.— There is authorized to be appropriated $1,400,000 for each of fiscal years 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, and 1997 to carry out tiiis section. Such sums shall remain available until expended. SEC. 40S. SEDIMENTS DECONTAMINATION TECHNOLOGY. 33 USC 2239 (a) DECONTAMINATION PROJECT.— (1) SELECTION OF TECHNOLOGIES.—Based upon a review of decontamination technologies identified pursuant to section 412(c) of the Water Resources Development Act of 1990, the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Secretary shall, within 1 year after the date of the enactment of this Act, jointly select removal, pre-treatment, post-treatment, and decontamination technologies for contaminated marine sediments for a decontamination project in the New York/New Jersey Harbor. (2) RECOMMENDED PROGRAM. — Upon selection of technologies, the Administrator and the Secretary shall jointly recommend a program of selected technologies to assess their effectiveness inrenderingsediments acceptable for unrestricted ocean disposal or beneficial reuse, or both. (b) DECONTAMINATION DEFINED. —For purposes of this section, "decontamination" may include local or remote prototype or production and laboratory decontamination technologies, sediment pretreatment and post-treatment processes, and siting, economic, or other measures necessary to develop a matrix for selection of interim prototype of long-term processes. Decontamination techniques need not be preproven in terms of likely success. (c) AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS.—T here is authorized to be appropriated to carry out this section $5,000,000 for fiscal years beginning after September 30, 1992. Such sums shall remain available until expended.