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PUBLIC LAW 102-583 —NOV. 2, 1992 106 STAT. 4923 tiate a new or updated extradition treaty relating to narcotics offenses. "(D) For each major illicit drug producing country for which the President is proposing to lumish United States assistance for the next fiscal year, a determination by the President of the maximum reductions in illicit drug production which are achievable during the next fiscal year. Each such determination shall be expressed in niunerical terms, such as the number of acres of illicitly cultivated controlled substances which can be eradicated. "(E) For each major illicit drug producing country which received United States assistance for the preceding fiscal year, the actual reductions in illicit drug production achieved by that country during such fiscal year. "(F) Specific comments and recommendations by appropriate Federal agencies involved in drug enforcement, including the United States Customs Service and the Drug Enforcement Administration, with respect to the degree to which countries listed in the report have, during the preceding year, cooperated fully with such agencies (as described in section 490A(b)). "(G) A description of the United States assistance for the preceding fiscal year which was denied, pursuant to section 490 or 490A, to each major illicit drug producing country and each major drug-transit country. "(b) MIDYEAR REPORT. — Not later than September 1 of each President. year, the President shall transmit to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and to the Committee on Foreign Relations of the Senate, a complete and detailed midyear report on the activities and operations carried out under this chapter prior to such date. Such midyear report shall include the status of each agreement concluded prior to such date with other countries to carry out this chapter. "(c) ANNUAL REPORTS ON ASSISTANCE.— "(1) IN GENERAL.—At the time that the report required by subsection (a) is submitted each year, the Secretary of State, in consultation with appropriate United States Government agencies, shall report to the appropriate committees of the Congress on the assistance provided by the United States Government during the preceding fiscal year to support international efforts to combat illicit narcotics production or trafficking. "(2) INFORMATION TO BE INCLUDED. —Each report pursuant to this subsection shall— "(A) specify the amount and nature of the assistance provided; "(B) include, for each country which is a significant direct or indirect source of narcotic and psychotropic drugs and other controlled substances significantly affecting the United States, a section prepared by the Drug Enforcement Administration, a section prepared by the Customs Service, and a section prepared by the Coast Guard, which describes in detail— "(i) the assistance provided or to be provided (as the case may be) to such country by that agency, and