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PUBLIC LAW 102-586—NOV. 4, 1992 106 STAT. 5005 mediation, restitution, community service, treatment, home detention, intensive supervision, electronic monitoring, boot camps and similar programs, and secure community-based treatment facilities linked to other support services such as healUi, mental health, education (remedial and special), job training, and recreation); and " (B) assist in the provision by the provision by the Administrator of information and technical assistance, including technology transfer, to States in the design and utilization of risk assessment mechanisms to aid juvenile justice personnel in determining appropriate sanctions for delinquent behavior, "(b) Programs and activities for which grants and contracts are to be made under subsection (a) may include— "(1) developing witliin the juvenile adjudicatory and correctional systems new and innovative means to address the problems of juveniles convicted of serious drug-related and gangrelated offenses; "(2) providing treatment to juveniles who are members of such gangs, including members who are accused of committing a serious crime and members who have been abjudicated as being delinquent; "(3) promoting the iinvolvement ofjuveniles in lawful activities in geographical areias in which gangs commit crimes; "(4) expanding the availability of prevention and treatment services relating to the illegal use of controlled substances and controlled substances analogues (as defined in paragraphs (6) and (32) of section 102 of uie Controlled Substances Act (21 U.S.CIJ. 802) by juveniles, provided through State and local health and social services agencies;

    • (5) providing services to prevent juveniles from coming

into contact with the juvenile justice system again as a result of gang-related activity; or "(6) supporting activities to inform juveniles of the availability of treatment and services for which financial assistance is available under this subpart. "APPROVAL OF APPLICATIONS "SEC. 282A (a) Any agency, organization, or institution desiring 42 USC 5667a-i. to receive a grant, or to enter into a contract, under this subpart shall submit an application at such time, in such manner, and containing such information as the Administrator may prescribe. "(b) In accordance with Adelines established by the Administrator, each application submitted under subsection (a) shall— "(1) set forth a program or activity for carrying out one or more of the purposes specified in section 282 and specifically identify each such purpose such program or activity is designed to carry out; "(2) provide that such program or activity shall be administered by or under the supervision of the applicant; "(3) provide for the proper and emcient administration of such program or activity; "(4) provide for regular evaluation of such program or activity;