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PUBLIC LAW 102-590—NOV. 10, 1992 106 STAT. 5137 (b) CRITERIA FOR AWARD OF GRANTS. —The Secretary shall establish criteria and requirements for the award of a grant under this section, including criteria for entities eligible to receive such grants. The Secretary shall publish such criteria and requirements Federal in the Federal Register not later than 90 days after the date SjSon of the enactment of this Act. In developing such criteria and requirements, the Secretary shall consult with organizations with experience in the area of providing service to homeless veterans and to the maximum extent possible shall take into account the findings of the assessment of the Secretary under section 107 of the Veterans' Medical Programs Amendments of 1992. The criteria established under this section shall include the following: (1) Specification as to the kinds of projects for which such grant support is available, which shall include (A) expansion, remodeling, or alteration of existing buildings, or acquisition of facilities, for use as service centers, transitional housing, or other facilities to serve homeless veterans, and (B) procurement of vans for use in outreach to, and transportation for, homeless veterans to carry out the purposes set forth in subsection (a). (2) Specification as to the number of projects for which grant support is available, which shall include provision for no more than 25 service centers and no more than 20 programs which incorporate the procurement of vans as described in paragraph (1). (3) Appropriate criteria for the staffing for the provision of the services for which a grant under this section is furnished. (4) Provisions to ensure that the award of grants under this section (A) shall not result in duplication of ongoing services, and (B) to the maximum extent practicable, shall reflect appropriate geographic dispersion and an appropriate balance between urban and nonurban locations. (5) Provisions to ensure that an entity receiving a grant shall meet fire and safety requirements established by the Secretary, which shall include such State and community requirements that may apply, but fire and safety requirements applicable to buildings of the Federal Government shall not apply to real property to be used by a grantee in carrying out the grant. (6) Specifications as to the means by which an entity receiving a grant may contribute in-kind services to the start-up costs of any project for which support is sought and the methodology for assigning a cost to that contribution for purposes of subsection (c). (c) FUNDING LIMITATIONS. —A grant under this section may not be used to support operational costs. The amount of a grant under this section may not exceed 65 percent of the estimated cost of the expansion, remodeling, alteration, acquisition, or procurement provided for under this section. (d) ELIGIBLE ENTITIES.—The Secretary may not make a grant under this section unless the applicant for the grant— (1) is a public or nonprofit private entity with the capacity (as determined by the Secretary) to effectively administer a grant under this section; (2) has demonstrated that adequate financial support will be available to carry out the project for which the grant has