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106 STAT. 4616 PUBLIC LAW 102-575—OCT. 30, 1992 economic analyses consistent with the Economic and Environmental IMnciples and Guidelines for Water and Related Land Resources Implementation Studies (March 10, 1983). The Secretary may withhold approval of the Definite Plan Report only on the basis of 1 the inadecjuacy of the document, and specifically not on the basis of the findings of its economic analyses. SEC. 206. LOCAL DEVELOPMENT IN LIEU OF IRRIGATION AND DRAIN- AGE. (a) OPTIONAL REBATE TO COUNTIES. — <1) After two years from the date of enactment of this Act, the District shall, at the option of an eligible county as provided in paragraph (2), rebate to such coiinty £Ui of the ad valorem tax contributions paid by such county to the District, with interest but less the value of any benefits received by such county and less the administrative expenses incurred by the District to that date. (2) Counties eligible to receive the rebate provided for in paragraph (1) include any county within the District, except for Salt Lake Comity and Utah County, in which the construction of Central Utah Project water storage or delivery features authorized in this Act has not commenced and— (A) in which there are no binding contracts as required under section 202(I)(C); or (B) in which the authorization for the project or feature was repealed pursuant to section 201(b) or expired pursuant to section 202( IXB) of this Act. Grants. (b) LoCAL DEVELOPMENT OPTION. —(1) Up|0n the request of any eligible county that elects not to participate in the project as provided in subsection (a), the Secretary shall provide as a grant to such county an amount that, when matched with the rebate received by such county, shall constitute 65 percent of the cost of implementation of measures identified in paragraph (2). (2)(A) The grant provided for in this subsection shall be available for the following purposes: (i) Potable water distribution and treatment, (ii) Wastewater collection and treatment, (iii) Agricultural water management, (iv) Other public infrastructure improvements as may be approved by the Secretary. (B) Funds made available under this subsection may not be used for— (i) draining of wetlands; (ii) dredging of natural water courses; and (iii) planmng or constructing water impoundments of g'eater than five thousand acre-feet, except for the proposed atch Town Dam on the Sevier River in southern Garfield County, Utah. (C) All Federal environmental laws shall be applicable to any projects or features developed pursuant to this section. (3) Of the amounts authorized to be appropriated by section 201, not more than $40,000,000 may be available for the purposes of this subsection. SEC. 207. WATER MANAGEBIENT niFROVEMENT. (a) PURPOSES.—The purposes of this section are, through such means as are cost-effective and environmentally sound, to— (1) encourage the conservation and wise use of water;