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106 STAT. 4620 PUBLIC LAW 102-575—OCT. 30, 1992 Public information. report shall include a description of this process, including its financial resources, technical support, public involvement, and identification of staff responsible for its development and implementation. (c) WATER CONSERVATION PRICING STUDY.— (1) Within three yearsfiromUie date of enactment of this Act, the District, after considtation with the State and each petitioner of project water, shall prepare and transmit to the Secretary a study of wholesale and retail pricing to encourage water conservation as described in this subsection, together with its conclusions and recommendations. (2) The purposes of this study are— (A) to design and evaluate potential rate designs and pricing policies for water supply and wastewater treatment within tine District boundary; (B) to estimate demand elasticity for each of the principal categories of end use of water within the District boundary; (C) to quantify monthly water savings estimated to resultfromtne various designs and policies to be evaluated; and (D) to identify a water pricing system that reflects the incremental scarcity value of water and rewards effective water conservation programs. (3) Pricing policies to be evaluated in the study shall include but not be limited to the following, alone and m combination: (A) recovery of all costs, including a reasonable return on investment, through water and wastewater service charges; (B) seasonal rate differentials; (C) drought year surcharges; (D) increasing block rate schedules; (E) marginal cost pricing; (F) rates accounting for differences in costs based upon point of delivery; and (G) rates based on the effect of phasing out the collection of ad valorem property taxes by the District and the petitioners of project water over a five-year and ten-year period. The District may incorporate policies developed by the study in the Water Management Improvement Plan prepared under subsection (b). (4) Not less than ninety days prior to its transmittal to the Secretcury, the study, together with the District's preliminary conclusions and recommendations and all supporting documentation, shall be available for public review and comment, including public hearings. All si^uficant comments, and the District's response thereto, shall accompany the study transmitted to the Secretary. (5) Nothing in this subsection shall be deemed to authorize the Secretiury, or grant new authority to the District or petitioners of project water, to require the implementation of any policies or recommendations contained in the study. (d) STUDY OF COORDINATED OPERATIONS.— (1) Within three years from the date of enactment of this Act, the District, after consultation ¥dth the State and each