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106 STAT. 4638 PUBLIC LAW 102-575—OCT. 30, 1992 improving Utah Lake as a warm water fishery and other related issues; and (B) development of facilities and programs to implement management objectives. (6) $1,000,000 for fish habitat restoration and improvements in the Diamond Fork River and Sixth Water Creek drainages. (7) $475,000 for the restoration of native cutthroat trout populations in streams and lakes in the Bonneville Unit project area. (8) $2,500,000 for watershed restoration and improvements, erosion control, and wildlife habitat restoration and improvements in the Avintaquin, Red, and Currant Creek dramages and other Strawberry River drainages afifected by the development of Federal reclamation projects in Utah. SEC. 308. STABILIZATION OF mCH MOUNTAIN LAKES IN THE UINTA MOUNTAINS. (a) REVISION OF PLAN. —The project plan for the stabilization of high mountain lakes in the Upper Provo River drainage shall be revised to require that the following lakes will be stabilized at levels beneficial for fish habitat and recreation: Big Elk, Crystal, Duck, Fire, Island, Long, Wall, Maijorie, Pot, Star, Teapot, and Weir. Overland access by vehicles or equipment for stabilization and irrigation purposes under this subsection shall be minimized within the Lakes Management Area boundary, as depicted on the map in the Wasatch-Cache National Forest Plan (p. W-166, dated 1987), to a level of practical necessity. (b) COSTS OF REHABILITATION. —(1) The costs of rehabilitating water storage features at Trial, Washington, and Lost Lakes, which are to be used for project purposes, shall be borne by the project from amounts made available pursuant to section 201. Existing roads may be used for overland access to carry out such rehabilitation. (2) The costs of stabilizing each of the lakes referred to in subsection (a) which is to be used for a purpose other than irrigation shall be treated as an expense under section 8. (c) FISH AND WILDLIFE HABITAT. —Of the amounts authorized to be appropriated by section 201, $5,000,000 shall be available only for stabilization and fish and wildlife habitat restoration in the lakes referred to in subsection (a). This amount shall be in addition to the $7,538,000 previously authorized for appropriation under section 5 of the Act of April 11, 1956 (43 U.S.C. 620g) for the stabilization and rehabilitation of the lakes described m this section. SEC. 309. STREAM ACCESS AND RIPARIAN HABITAT DEVELOPMENT. (a) IN GENERAL.— Of the amounts authorized to be appropriated by section 201, the following amounts shall be in addition to amounts available under the 1988 Definite Plan Report and shall be available only for stream access and riparian habitat development in the State: (1) $750,000 for rehabilitation of the Provo River riparian habitat development between Jordanelle Reservoir and Utah Lake. (2) $250,000 for rehabilitation and development of watersheds and riparian habitats along Diamond Fork and Sixth Water Creek.