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107 STAT. 2120 PUBLIC LAW 103-182—DEC. 8, 1993 "(B) FORM.—The form of a sanitary or phytosanitary measure includes— "(i) end product criteria; "(ii) a product-related processing or production method; "(iii) a testing, inspection, certification, or approval procedure; "(iv) a relevant statistical method; "(v) a sampling procedure; "(vi) a method of risk assessment; "(vii) a packaging and labeling requirement directly related to food safety; and "(viii) a quarantine treatment, such as a relevant requirement associated with the transportation of animals or plants or with material necessary for their survival during trcmsportation. <H:IIAPTER 2—STANDARDS-RELATED MEASURES 19 USC 2576. ' SEC. 471. GENERAL.


in this chapter shall be construed— "(1) to prohibit a Federal agency from engaging in activity related to standards-related measures, incuiding any such measure relating to safety, the protection of human, animal, or plant life or health, the environment or consumers; or "(2) to limit the authority of a Federal agency to determine the level it considers appropriate of safety or of protection of human, animal, or plant life or health, the environment or consumers, "(b) EXCLUSION.— This chapter does not apply to— "(1) technical specifications prepared by a Federal agency for production or consumption requirements of the agency; or "(2) sanitary or phytosanitary measures under chapter 1. 19 USC 2576a. "SEC. 472. INQUIRY POINT. The standards information center maintained under section 414 shall, in addition to thefimctionsspecified therein, make available to the public relevant documents, at such reasonable fees as the Secretary of Commerce may prescribe, and information regarding— (1) the membership and participation of the Federal Government, State covemments, and relevant nongovernmental bodies in the United States in international and regional standardizing bodies and conformity assessment systems, and in bilateral and multilateral arrangements regarding standards-related measures, and the provisions of those systems and arrangements; "(2) the location of notices of the type required under article 909 of the NAFTA, or where the information contained in such notice can be obtained; and "(3) the Federal agency procedures for assessment of risk, and factors the agency considers in conducting the assessment and establishing the levels of protection that the agency considers appropriate. 19 USC 2576b. "SEC. 473. CHAPTER DEFINITIONS. 'Notwithstanding section 451, for purposes of this chapter—