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107 STAT. 2150 PUBLIC LAW 103-182—DEC. 8, 1993 "(1) FILING OF PETITIONS. —A petition for certification of eligibility to applv for adjustment assistance under this subchapter may be filed by a group of workers (including workers in any agrictdtural firm or suboivision of an agricultural firm) or by their certified or recognized union or other duly autiiorized representative with the (^vemor of the State in which such workers'firmor subdivision thereof is located. "(2) FINDINGS AND ASSISTANCE.— Upon receipt of a petition under paragraph (1), the Governor shall— "(A) notify the Secretary that the Governor has ': received the petition;

    • (B) within 10 days afl«r receiving the petition—

"(i) make a preliminanr finding as to whether the petition meets the criteria described in subsection (a)(D (and for purposes of this clause the criteria described under subparagraph (A)(iii) of such subsection shall be disregarded), and "(ii) transmit the petition, together with a statement of the finding under clause (i) and reasons therefor, to the Secretary for action under subsection (c); >.? and "(C) if the preliminary finding under subparagraph (B)(i) is affirmative, ensure that rapid response and basic readjustment services authorized under other Federal law are made available to the workers. "(c) REVIEW OF PETITIONS BY SECRETARY; CERTIFICATIONS.—

  • (1) IN GENERAL.—The Secretary, within 30 days afl»r

receiving a petition under subsection (b), shall determine whether the petition meets the criteria described in subsection (a)(l). Upon a determination that the petition meets such criteria, the Secretary shall issue to workers covered by the petition a certification of eligibility to apply for assistance described in subsection (d). "(2) DENIAL OF CERTIFICATION.— Upon denial of certification with respect to a petition under paragraph (1), the Secretary shall review the petition in accordance with the requirements of subchapter A to determine if the workers may be certified under such subchapter. "(d) COMPREHENSIVE ASSISTANCE. — Workers covered by certification issued by the Secretary under subsection (c) shall be provided, in the same manner and to the same extent as workers covered under a certification under subchapter A, the following: "(1) Employment services described in section 235. "(2) Training described in section 236, except that notwithstanding the provisions of section 236(a)(2)(A), the total amount of payments for training under this subchapter for any fiscal year shall not exceed $30,000,000. "(3) Trade rea^ustment allowances described in sections 231 through 234, except that— '^(A) the provisions of sections 231(a)(5)(C) and 231(c), 'i.. authorizing uie payment of trade readjustment allowances upon a finding that it is not feasible or appropriate to approve a training program for a worker, snail not be applicable to payment of such allow£inces under this subchapter; and "(B) notwithstanding the provisions of section 233(b), in order for a worker to qualify for trade readjustment