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107 STAT. 2328 PUBLIC LAW 103-199—DEC. 17, 1993 TITLE VII—REGIONAL AND GENERAL DIPLOMATIC ISSUES SEC. 701. UNITED NATIONS ASSESSMENTS. Section 717 of the International Security and Development Cooperation Act of 1981 (Public Law 97-113; 95 Stat. 1549) is amended— (1) in the section heading by striking "OF THE SOVIET UNION"; (2) in subsection (a)— (A) in paragraph (2), by inserting "and" after the semicolon; (B) in paragraph (3) by striking "; and" and inserting a period; and (C) by striking paragraph (4); and (3) in subsection (b), by striking "a diplomatic" and all that follows through "including its", and inserting "appropriate diplomatic initiatives to ensure that members of the United Nations make payments of all their outstanding financial obligations to the United Nations, including their". SEC. 702. SOVIET OCCUPATION OF AFGHANISTAN. (a) REPEAL.—Section 1241 of the Foreign Relations Authorization Act, Fiscal Years 1988 and 1989 (Public Law 100-204; 101 Stat. 1420) is repealed. 101 Stat. 1331. (b) CONFORMING AMENDMENT. — Section 1(b) of that Act is amended by striking the item in the table of contents relating to section 1241. 22 USC 2293 SEC. 703. ANGOLA. Section 405 of the International Security Assistance and Arms Export Control Act of 1976 (22 U.S.C. 2293 note) is repealed. SEC. 704. SELF DETERMINATION OF THE PEOPLE FROM THE BALTIC STATES. Paragraph (1) of section 1206 of the Foreign Relations Authorization Act, Fiscal Years 1988 and 1989 (Public Law 100- 204; 101 Stat. 1411) is amended by striking "from the Soviet Union". SEC. 705. OBSOLETE REFERENCES IN FOREIGN ASSISTANCE ACT. The Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 is amended— (1) in section 501 (22 U.S.C. 2301)— (A) in the second undesignated paragraph by striking "international communism and the coiuitries it controls and inserting "hostile countries"; (B) in the fourth undesignated paragraph, by striking "Commimist or Communist-supportea"; and (C) in the fifth undesignated paragraph, by striking everything following "victims or and inserting "aggression or in which the internal security is threatened by internal subversion inspired or supported by hostile countries."; (2) in section 614(a)(4)(C) (22 U.S.(5. 2364(a)(4)(C)), by striking "Communist or Commiuiist-supported"; and (3) in section 620(h) (22 U.S.(5. 2370(h)), by striking "the Communist-bloc countries" and inserting "any country that is a Communist country for purposes of subsection (f)".