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PUBLIC LAW 103-171—DEC. 2, 1993 107 STAT. 1993 (4) in section 206(5) by inserting "of the United States" after 'Tirgin Islands", and (5) in section 207— (A) in subsection (a)(1) by striking "1994" and inserting "1996", and (B) in subsection (b)— (i) in paragraph (1)— (I) by stnkhig "June 30, 1995, or", and (II) by striking ", whichever occurs earlier", (ii) in paragraph (2)— (I) by strikini^ "June 30, 1995, or", and (II) by striking ", whichever occurs earlier,", and (iii) in paragraph (3) by striking "June 30, 1994" and inserting "December 31, 1995". SEC. 7. AMENDMENTS TO THE COMMUNITY SERVICES BLOCK GRANT ACT. (a) DISCRETIONARY AUTHORITY.—Section 681(a)(2) of the Community Services Block Grant Act (42 U.S.C. 9910(a)(2)) is amended— (1) in subparagraph (D) by striking "(including" and all that follows through "facilities", and inserting ", including rental housing for low-income individuals", (2) 1^ re<fe8ignat:ing subparagraphs (E) and (F) as subparagraphs (F) and ((?), respectively, and (3) by inserting after subparagraph (D) the following: (E) techmcal assistance ana training programs regarding the planning and development of rural community facilities (in selecting entities to carry out such programs, the Secretary shall give priority to organizations described in subparagraph (D));". (b) ANNUAL REPORT.— Section 682 of the Community Services Block Grant Act (42 U.S.C. 9911) is amended— (1) in subsection (a)— (A) in paragraph (1)— (i) by striking "contract with" and inserting "awarding a grant or contract to", (ii) by striking "this subtitle" and inserting "section 674", and (iii) by striking subparagraphs (A) and (B) and inserting the following: "(A) The iises of the Community Services Block Grant to the States that are related to the purposes of the subtitle. "(B) The number of entities eligible for funds under this subtitle, the number of low-income persons served under this subtitle, and that amount of information concerning the demographics of the low-income populations served by such eligible entities as is determined to be feasible. "(C) Any information in addition to that described in subparagraph (B) that the Secretary considers to be appropriate to carry out this subtitle, except that the Secretary may not require a State to provide such additional information until the expiration of the 1-year period beginning on the date on which the Secretary notifies such State that such additional information will be required to be provided.", (B) by striking paragraphs (2) and (3), and