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PROCLAMATION 6508—NOV. 20, 1992 107 STAT. 2579 children with disabilities, members of minority groups, and children with siblings who must be adopted by the same family. Early on in the Administration, I was pleased to propose legislation designed to encourage "special needs" adoption. Since that time, the Federal Government has continued to play a leading role in overcoming legal, financial, and attitudinal barriers to adoption. This week we salute the many dedicated men and women across America who make adoption work: concerned parents, social services professionals and coimselors. State officials, attorneys, members of the clergy, and others. Recognizing that adoption is a tremendous act of courage and generosity under any circmnstances, we salute especially each of the brave women who, when faced with a crisis pregnancy, chooses life for her imborn child and offers that child a chance to grow up in a stable, loving home. As an imselfish, life-affirming, and lifelong commitment, adoption is rooted in the virtues that define and strengthen a family and that, in turn, enrich the lives of individuals and the communities in which they live. This week, let us acknowledge the importance of stable, loving families to children and to our Nation, and let us renew our support for adoption. The Congress, by Public Law 102-174, has designated the week of November 22 through November 28, 1992, as "National Adoption Week" and has requested the President to issue a proclamation in observance of this week. NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE BUSH, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim the week of November 22 through November 28, 1992, as National Adoption Week. I urge all Americans to observe this week with appropriate programs and activities. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this tenth day of November, in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and ninety- two, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and seventeenth. GEORGE BUSH Proclamation 6508 of November 20, 1992 Thanksgiving Day, 1992 By the President of the United States of America A Proclamation At no time of year are Americans more mindful of our heritage as one Nation under God than at Thanksgiving—a day when people of every race, creed, and walk of life join in celebrating the many blessings that we have received as individuals and as a Nation. Thanksgiving is among the happiest of days because it fills our hearts with appreciation for the things that matter most: the goodness of our Creator, the love of family and Mends, and, of course, the gift of life itself. In addition to giving thanks for our individual blessings, we Americans also join on this occasion in celebrating ova shared legacy of freedom. 69-194O-94-21:QL.3Part3