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B12 SUBJECT INDEX Page Proclamations—Continued Zaire, immigrant and nonimmigrant entry, suspension 2674 Public Debt Annual report 2355 Increase 42,565 Public Information Government Printing Office Electronic Information Access Enhancement Act of 1993 112 Public Lands Big Thicket National Preserve Addition Act of 1993 229 Cameron Parish, LA, land conveyance 2002 Catawba Indian Tribe of South Carolina Land Claims Settlement Act of 1993 1118 Cave Creek Canyon Protection Act of 1993 278 Colorado Wilderness Act of 1993 756 Columbia Hospital for Women, DC, land conveyance 686 Custer National Forest, boundary adjustment 49 El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro Study Act of 1993 1494 El Camino Real Para Los Texas Study Act of 1993 1496 Forest Resources Conservation and Shortage Relief Amendments Act of 1993 223 Gallatin Range Consolidation and Protection Act of 1993 987 Greorge Washington Birthplace National Monument, boundary revision 68 Harry S Truman Historic Site, MO, addition 2243 Hot Springs National Park, boundary modification 280 Idaho Land Exchange Act of 1993 50 Jemez National Recreation Area, NM, establishment 1025 Lechuguilla Cave Protection Act of 1993 1983 Mining claims, subsurface estates, notification 60 Public Lands Corps Act of 1993 848 Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area, ID, establishment 302 Spring Mountains National Recreation Area Act 297 Taos Ranger District, NM, land conveyance 1371 Utah Schools and Lands Improvement Act of 1993 995 War in the Pacific National Historical Park, addition 2301 Western lands dispute, resolution Railroads AMTRAK, Retirement of president Recreation and Recreational Areas Fossil Ridge Recreation Management Area, CO, establishment Gateway National Recreation Area,, NJ, historic structures, rehabilitation Jemez National Recreation Area, NM, establishment Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993 Spring Mountains National Recreation Area Act User and maintenance fees Refugees Appropriations, 1993 and 1994, authorization Religion Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 Research and Development See also Science and Technology Child Health Research Centers, establishment Lime Research, Promotion, and Consumer Information Improvement Act National Cooperative Production Amendments of 1993 National Institutes of Health Revit£dization Act of 1993 Office of AIDS Research, establishment University Research Initiative Support Program, establishment 234 1975 760 . 70 1025 378 297 402 107 1488 167 2294 117 122 192 1701 2259 1373 Watermelon Research and Promotion Improvement Act of 1993 Romania Most-favored-nation status, extension Royalties See Patents and Trademarks Rural Areas See Urban and Rural Areas Russia See Commonwealth of Independent States Safety Domestic Chemical Diversion Control Act ofl993 2333 Savings and Loan Associations See Banks and Banking