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108 STAT. 4522 PUBLIC LAW 103-433—OCT. 31, 1994 16 USC 410bbb-3. 16 USC 410bbb-4. 16 USC 410bbb-5. including archival material, audiovisual records, and objects that relate to the history of jazz. SEC. 1205. ACQUISITION OF PROPERTY. (a) GENERAL AUTHORITY.—The Secretary may acquire lands and interests therein within the sites designated pursuant to section 1203(b)(1) and (3) by donation or purchase with donated or appropriated funds or long term lease: Provided, That sites designated pursuant to section 1203(b)(3) shall only be acquired with the consent of the owner thereof (b) STATE AND LOCAL PROPERTIES.— Lands and interests in lands which are owned by the State of Louisiana, or any political subdivision thereof, may be acquired only by donation. SEC. 1206. GENERAL MANAGEMENT PLAN. Within three years after the date funds are made available therefor and concurrent with the national landmark study ref- erenced in section 1203(b)(3), the Secretary, in consultation with the New Orleans Jazz Commission, shall prepare a general management plan for the historical park. The plan shall include, but need not be limited to— (1) a visitor use plan indicating programs and facilities associated with park programs that will be made available to the public; (2) preservation and use plans for any structures and sites that are identified through the historic landmark study for inclusion within the historical park; (3) the location and associated cost of public facilities that are proposed for inclusion within the historical park, including a visitor center; (4) identification of programs that the Secretary will implement or be associated with through cooperative agreements with other groups and organizations; (5) a transportation plan that addresses visitor use access needs to sites, facilities, and programs central to the purpose of the historical park; (6) plans for the implementation of an archival system for materials, objects, and items of importance relating to the history of jazz; and (7) guidelines for the application of cooperative agreements that will be used to assist in the management of historical park facilities and programs. SEC. 1207. ESTABLISHMENT OF THE NEW ORLEANS JAZZ COMMISSION. (a) ESTABLISHMENT. —To assist in implementing the purposes of this title and the document entitled "New Orleans Jazz Special Resource Study", there is established the New Orleans Jazz Commission (hereinafter referred to as the "Commission"). (b) MEMBERSHIP. —The Commission shall consist of 17 members to be appointed no later than six months after the date of enactment of this title. The Commission shall be appointed by the Secretary as follows: (1) One member from recommendations submitted by the Mayor of New Orleans. (2) Two members who have recognized expertise in music education programs that emphasize jazz.