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108 STAT. 3642 PUBLIC LAW 103-382—(XT. 20, 1994 of Commerce, Energy, Health and Human Services, and Labor— "(A) to promote the use of technology in education, training, and lifelong learning, including plans for the educational uses of a national information infrastructure; and "(B) to ensure that the policies and programs of such departments or agencies facilitate the use of technology for educational purposes, to the extent feasible; "(3) how the Secretary will work with educators. State and local educational agencies, and appropriate representatives of the private sector to facilitate the effective use of technology in education; "(4) how the Secretary will promote— "(A) higher achievement of all students through the integration of technology into the curriculum; "(B) increased access to the benefits of technology for teaching and learning for schools with a high number or percentage of children from low-income families; "(C) the use of technology to assist in the implementation of State systemic reform strategies; "(D) the application of technological advances to use in education; "(E) increased access to high quality adult and family education services through the use of technology for instruction and professional development; and "(F) increased opportunities for the professional development of teachers in the use of new technologies; "(5) how the Secretary will determine, in consultation with appropriate individuals, organizations, industries, and agencies, the feasibility and desirability of establishing guidelines to facilitate an easy exchange of data and effective use of technology in education; (6) how the Secretary will promote the exchange of information among States, local educational agencies, schools, consortia, and other entities concerning the effective use of technology in education; "(7) how the Secretary will utilize the outcomes of the evaluation undertaken pursuant to section 3123 to promote the purposes of this part; and "(8) the Secretary's long-range measurable goals and objectives relating to the purposes of this part. 20 USC 6832. "SEC. 3122. FEDERAL LEADERSHIP. "(a) PROGRAM AUTHORIZED.—In order to provide Federal leadership in promoting the use of technology in education, the Secretary, in consultation with the National Science Foundation, the Department of Commerce, the United States National Commission on Libraries and Information Sciences, and other appropriate Federal agencies, may carry out activities designed to achieve the purposes of this part directly or by awarding grants or contracts competitively and pursuant to a peer review process to, or entering into contracts with. State educational agencies, local educational agencies, institutions of higher education, or other public and private nonprofit or for-profit agencies and organizations. "(b) ASSISTANCE.— "(1) IN GENERAL.— The Secretary shall provide assistance to the States to enable such States to plan effectively for