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PUBLIC LAW 103-382—OCT. 20, 1994 108 STAT. 3659 "(12) describe the activities or services for which assistance is sought, such as— "(A) providing facilities, equipment, training services, and technical assistance; "(B) making programs accessible to students with disabilities through mechanisms such as closed captioning and descriptive video services; "(C) linking networks around issues of national importance (such as elections) or to provide information about employment opportunities, job training, or student and other social service programs; "(D) sharing curriculum resources between networks and development of program guides which demonstrate cooperative, cross-network listing of programs for specific curriculum areas; "(E) providing teacher and student support services including classroom and training support materials which permit student and teacher involvement in the live interactive distance learning telecasts; "(F) incorporating community resources such as libraries and museums into instructional programs; "(G) providing professional development for teachers, i including, as appropriate, training to early childhood development and Head Start teachers and staff and vocational education teachers and staff, and adult and family educators; "(H) providing programs for adults to maximize the use of telecommunications facilities and equipment; "(I) providing teacher training on proposed or established voluntary national content standards in mathematics and science and other disciplines as such standards are developed; and "(J) providing parent education programs during and after the regular school day which reinforce a student's course of study and actively involve parents in the learning process; "(13) describe how the proposed project as a whole will . be financed and how arrangements for future financing will be developed before the project expires; "(14) provide an assurance that a significant portion of any facilities, equipment, technical assistance, and programming for which assistance is sought for elementary and secondary schools will be made available to schools in local educational agencies that have a high percentage of children counted for the purpose of part A of title I; "(15) provide an assurance that the applicant will provide such information and cooperate in any evaluation that the Secretary may conduct under this part; and "(16) include such additional assursmces as the Secretary may reasonably require. "(c) PRIORITIES. — The Secretary, in approving applications for grants authorized under section 3204, shall give priority to applications describing projects that— "(1) propose high-quality plans to assist in achieving one or more of the National Education Groals, will provide instruction consistent with State content standards, or will otherwise