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108 STAT. 3844 PUBLIC LAW 103-382—OCT. 20, 1994 "PART H—DE LUGO TERRITORIAL EDUCATION IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM 20 USC 8221. " SEC. 10801. FINDINGS AND PURPOSES. "(a) FINDINGS. — The Congress finds that- 'll) the attainment of a high quality education is important to a society and to each individual; "(2) it is the policy of the United States that all citizens have a fair opportunity to receive a high quality education; "(3) such opportunity should extend to United States citizens and nationals residing in the outlying areas; "(4) reports show that the outlying areas have repeatedly placed last in national education tests which measure knowledge in core subject areas; "(5) all students must realize their potential if the United States is to prosper; and "(6) students in the outlying areas require additional assistance if such students are to obtain the high standards established for all students in the United States. "(b) PURPOSES. —The purpose of this part is to authorize an education improvement program for the outlying areas which will assist in developing programs which will enhance student learning, increase the standard of education, and improve the performance levels of all students. 20 USC 8222. "SEC. 10802. GRANT AUTHORIZATION. 'The Secretary is authorized to make grants to the outlying areas to fund innovative education improvement programs which will increase student learning. 20 USC 8223. "SEC. 10803. CONSTRUCTION. "No funds from a grant under section 10802 may be used for construction. 20 USC 8224. "SEC. 10804. AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS. "There are authorized to be appropriated to carry out this subpart $3,000,000 for each of the fiscal years 1994 through 1999. 21st Century " PART I—21ST CENTURY COMMUNITY Le^rSng' "^ LEARNING CENTERS Centers Act. 20 USC 8241. "SEC. 10901. SHORT TITLE. "This part may be cited as the '21st Century Community Learning Centers Act'. 20 USC 8242. "SEC. 10902. FINDINGS. "The Congress finds that— "(1) a local public school often serves as a center for the delivery of education and human resources for all members of a community; "(2) public schools, primarily in rural and inner city communities, should collaborate with other public and nonprofit agencies and organizations, IOCEJ businesses, educational entities (such as vocational and adult education programs, school-to- work programs, community colleges, and universities), recreational, cultural, and other community and human service entities, for the purpose of meeting the needs of, and expanding