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PUBLIC LAW 103-382—OCT. 20, 1994 108 STAT. 3939 "(1) Family support for families of children with disabilities must focus on the needs of the entire family. "(2) Families of children with disabilities should be supported in determining their needs and in making decisions concerning necessary, desirable, and appropriate services. "(3) Families should play decisionmaking roles in policies and programs that affect the lives of such families. "(4) Family needs change over time and family support for families of children with disabilities must offer options that are flexible and responsive to the unique needs and strengths and cultural values of individual families. "(5) Family support for families of children with disabilities is proactive and not solely in response to a crisis. "(6) Families must be supported in their efforts to promote the integration and inclusion of their children with disabilities into all aspects of community life. "(7) Family support for families of children with disabilities should promote the use of existing social networks, strengthen natural sources of support, and help build connections to existing community resources and services. "(8) Youth with disabilities should be involved in decisionmaking about their own lives, consistent with the unique strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, abilities, and capabilities of each such youth. "(9) Services and supports must be provided in a manner that demonstrates respect for individual dignity, personal responsibility, self-determination, personal preferences, and cultural differences of families. "(d) RULE OF CONSTRUCTION. —Nothing in this part shall be construed to prevent families from choosing an out-of-home placement for their children with disabilities, including institutional placement for such children. "SEC. 703. DEFINITIONS. 20 USC 1491b. "For the purposes of this part, only the following definitions shall apply: "(1) CHILD WITH A DISABILITY. —The term 'child with a disability' means an individual who from birth through 21 years of age meets the definition of disability under paragraph (4). "(2) COUNCIL. — The term 'Council' means an existing Council, or a new Council, which is considered as a State Policy Council for Families of Children with Disabilities under section 707. "(3) CULTURALLY COMPETENT. —The term 'culturally competent' means services, supports, or other assistance that is conducted or provided in a manner that— "(A) is responsive to the beliefs, interpersonsil styles, attitudes, language, and behaviors of those individuals receiving services; and "(B) has the greatest likelihood of ensuring maximum participation of such individuals. " (4) DISABILITY.— The term 'disability' means— "(A) in the case of an individual 6 years of age or older, a significant physical or mental impairment as defined pursuant to State policy to the extent that such 79-194 O—95—15: QL 3 Part 5