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108 STAT. 3568 PUBLIC LAW 103-382~OCT. 20, 1994 lishes and produces, within 90 days of such publication; and "(ii) not later than December 31, 1998, a final report which shall include a more detailed statement of the Academy's findings and conclusions with respect to the use of any intercensal poverty data produced and published by the Bureau of the Census as the basis for allocating Federal funds under this Act. "(D) Of the funds appropriated under section 1002(f) of this Act, the Secretary shall use such sums as are necessary in each of fiscal years 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, and 1999 to carry out the provisions of this paragraph. " (5) OTHER CHILDREN TO BE COUNTED.— For purposes of this section, the Secretary shall determine the number of children aged 5 to 17, inclusive, from families above the poverty level on the basis of the number of such children from families receiving an annual income, in excess of the current criteria of poverty, from payments under the program of aid to families with dependent children under a State plan approved under title rV of the Social Security Act; and in making such determinations the Secretary shall utilize the criteria of poverty used by the Bureau of the Census in compiling the most recent decennial census for a family of 4 in such form as those criteria have been updated by increases in the Consumer Price Index for all urban consumers, published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Secretary shall determine the number of such children and the number of children of such ages living in institutions for neglected or delinquent children, or being supported in foster homes with public funds, on the basis of the caseload data for the month of October of the preceding fiscal year (using, in the case of children described in the preceding sentence, the criteria of poverty and the form of such criteria required by such sentence which were determined for the calendar year preceding such month of October) or, to the extent that such data are not available to the Secretary before January of the calendar year in which the Secretary's determination is made, then on the basis of the most recent reliable data available to the Secretary at the time of such determination. The Secretary of Health and Human Services shall collect and transmit the information required by this subparagraph to the Secretary not later than January 1 of each year. "(6) ESTIMATE. —When requested by the Secretary, the Secretary of Commerce shall make a special updated estimate of the number of children of such ages who are from families below the poverty level (as determined under subparagraph (A) of this paragraph) in each school district, and the Secretary is authorized to pay (either in advance or by way of reimbursement) the Secretary of Commerce the cost of malang this special estimate. The Secretary of Commerce shall give consideration to any request of the chief executive of a State for the collection of additional census information. For purposes of this section, the Secretary shall consider all children who are in correctional institutions to be living in institutions for delinquent children. "(d) STATE MiNiMUM.Notwithstanding subsection (b)(1) or (d) of section 1122, the aggregate amount allotted for all local educational agencies within a State may not be less than the lesser of—