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108 STAT. 3584 PUBLIC LAW 103-382—OCT. 20, 1994 "(B) are located in areas designated as empowerment zones or enterprise communities. "(3) REVIEW PANEL.—A review panel shall consist of at least three members, including one early childhood professional, one adult education professional, and one or more of the following individuals: "(A) A representative of a parent-child education organization. "(B) A representative of a community-based literacy organization. "(C) A member of a local board of education. "(D) A representative of business and industry with a commitment to education. "(E) An individual who has been involved in the implementation of programs under this title in the State. "(b) DURATION.— "(1) IN GENERAL. —Subgrants under this part may be awarded for a period not to exceed four years. "(2) STARTUP PERIOD.— The State educational agency may provide subgrant funds to an eligible recipient, at such recipient's request, for a three- to six-month startup period during the first year of the four-year grant period, which may include staff recruitment and training, and the coordination of services, before requiring full implementation of the program. "(3) CONTINUING ELIGIBILITY. — In awarding subgrant funds to continue a program under this part for the second, third, or fourth year, the State educational agency shall review the progress being made toward meeting the objectives of the program after the conclusion of the startup period, if any, "(4) INSUFFICIENT PROGRESS.—The State educational agency may refuse to award subgrant funds if such agency finds that sufficient progress has not been made toward meeting such objectives, but only after affording the applicant notice and an opportunity for a nearing. "(5) GRANT RENEWAL. — (A) An eligible entity that has previously received a subgrant under this part may reapply under this part for additional subgrants. An eligible recipient may receive funds under this part for a period not to exceed eight years. "(B) The Federal share of any subgrant renewed under subparagraph (A) shall not exceed 50 percent in any fiscal year. 20 USC 6369. "SEC. 1209. EVALUATION. "From funds reserved under section 1202(b)(1), the Secretary shall provide for an independent evaluation of programs assisted under this part— "(1) to determine the performance and effectiveness of programs assisted under this part; and "(2) to identify effective Even Start programs assisted under this part that can be duplicated and used in providing technical assistance to Federal, State, and local programs. 20 USC 6370. -SEC. 1210. CONSTRUCTION. "Nothing in this part shall be construed to prohibit a recipient of funds under this part from serving students participating in Even Start simultaneously with students with similar educational needs, in the same educational settings where appropriate.