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PUBLIC LAW 104-8 —APR. 17, 1995 109 STAT. 145 "(D) reliable accounting results to serve as the basis for preparing and supporting agency budget requests and controlling the execution of the budget. "(8) Submitting to the Council a financial statement of the District government, containing such details and at such times as the Council may specify. "(9) Supervising and assuming responsibility for the assessment of all property subject to assessment and special assessments within the corporate limits of the District of Columbia for taxation, preparing tax maps, and providing such notice of taxes and special assessments (as may be required by law), "(10) Supervising and assuming responsibility for the levy- ing and collection of all taxes, special assessments, licensing fees, and other revenues of the District of Columbia (as may be required by law), and receiving all amounts paid to the District of Columbia from any source (including the Authority). "(11) Maintaining custody of all public funds belonging to or under the control of the District government (or any department or agency of the District government), and depositing all amounts paid in such depositories and under such terms and conditions as may be designated by the Council or the Authority. "(12) Maintaining custody of all investment and invested funds of the District government or in possession of the District government in a fiduciary capacity, and maintaining the safekeeping of all bonds and notes of the District government and the receipt and delivery of District government bonds and notes for transfer, registration, or exchange. "(13) Apportioning the total of all appropriations and funds made available during the year for obligation so as to prevent obligation or expenditure in a manner which would result in a deficiency or a need for supplemental appropriations during the year, and (with respect to appropriations and funds available for an indefinite period and all authorizations to create obligations by contract in advance of appropriations) apportioning the total of such appropriations, funds, or authorizations in the most effective and economical manner. "(14) Certifying all contracts (whether directly or through delegation) prior to execution as to the availability of funds to meet the obligations expected to be incurred by the District government under such contracts during the year. "(15) Prescribing the forms of receipts, vouchers, bills, and claims to be used by all agencies, offices, and instrumentalities of the District government. "(16) Certifying and approving prior to payment all bills, invoices, payrolls, and other evidences of claims, demands, or charges against the District government, and determining the regularity, legality, and correctness of such bills, invoices, pay- rolls, claims, demands, or charges. "(17) In coordination with the Inspector CJeneral of the District of Columbia, performing internal audits of accounts and operations and records of the District government, including the examination of any accounts or records of financial transactions, giving due consideration to the effectiveness of accounting systems, internal control, and related administrative practices of the departments and agencies of the District government. 99-194O-95 -6:QL3Part1