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109 STAT. 164 PUBLIC LAW 104-13—MAY 22, 1995 tained, used, shared and disseminated by or for the Federal Government; "(3) coordinate, integrate, and to the extent practicable and appropriate, make uniform Federal information resources management policies and practices as a means to improve the productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness of Government programs, including the reduction of information collection burdens on the public and the improvement of service delivery to the public; "(4) improve the quality and use of Federal information to strengthen decisionmaking, accountability, and openness in Government and society; "(5) minimize the cost to the Federal Government of the creation, collection, maintenance, use, dissemination, and disposition of information; "(6) strengthen the partnership between the Federal Government and State, local, and tribal governments by minimizing the burden and maximizing the utility of information created, collected, maintained, used, disseminated, and retained by or for the Federal Government; "(7) provide for the dissemination of public information on a timely basis, on equitable terms, and in a manner that promotes the utility of the information to the public and makes effective use of information technology; "(8) ensure that the creation, collection, maintenance, use, dissemination, and disposition of information by or for the Federal Government is consistent with applicable laws, including laws relating to— "(A) privacy and confidentiality, including section 552a of title 5; "(B) security of information, including the Computer Security Act of 1987 (Public Law 100-235); and "(C) access to information, including section 552 of title 5; "(9) ensure the integrity, quality, and utility of the Federal statistical system; "(10) ensure that information technology is acquired, used, and managed to improve performance of agency missions, including the reduction of information collection burdens on the public; and "(11) improve the responsibility and accountability of the Office of Management and Budget and all other Federal agencies to Congress and to the public for implementing the information collection review process, information resources management, and related policies and guidelines established under this chapter. " § 3502. Definitions "As used irl this chapter— "(1) the term 'agency' means any executive department, military department. Government corporation. Government controlled corporation, or other establishment in the executive branch of the Government (including the Executive Office of the President), or any independent regulatory agency, but does not include— "(A) the General Accounting Office; "(B) Federal Election Commission;