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.•KP:M^'f^ -•s^tfl*^»'S^ji-- PUBLIC l^W 104-59 —NOV. 28, 1995 109 STAT. 601 (B) by striking "intelligent/vehicle highway systems" and inserting "intelhgent transportation systems"; (6) in item 35, relating to Alabama, by striking "to bypass" and all that follows through "1-85" and inserting "beginning on United States Route 80 west of Montgomery, Alabama, and connecting to 1-65 south of Montgomery and 1-85 east of Montgomery"; (7) in item 49, relating to Suffolk County, New York, by inserting after "perimeters" the following: "and provide funds to the towns of Brookhaven, Riverhead, Smithtown, East Hampton, Southold, Shelter Island, and Southampton for the purchase of vehicles to meet the transportation needs of the elderly and persons with disabilities"; (8) in item 52, relating to Pennsylvania, by striking "2" and all that follows through "Pennsylvania" and inserting "or rehabilitate (or both) highway and transportation infrastructure projects within 30 miles of 1-81 or 1-80 in northeastern Pennsylvania"; (9) in item 61, relating to Mojave, California— (A) by striking "Mojave" and inserting "Victorville"; and (B) by inserting "Mojave" after "reconstruct"; (10) in item 68, relating to Portland/S. Portland, Maine— (A) by striking "Portland/S. Portland,"; and (B) by inserting after "Bridge" the following: "and improvements to the Carlton Bridge in Bath-Woolworth"; (11) in item 76, relating to Tennessee— (A) by inserting "Improved access to" before "1-81"; (B) by striking "Interchange"; and (C) by inserting after "Tennessee" the second place it appears the following: "via improvements at I-181/Eastern Star Road and I-81/Kendrick Creek Road"; (12) in item 100, relating to Arkansas, by striking 'Thornton" and inserting "Little Rock"; (13) in item 113, relating to Durham County, North Carolina, by inserting after "Route 147" the following: ", including the interchange at 1-85"; (14) in item 114, relating to Corpus Christi to Angleton, Texas, by striking "Construct new multi-lane freeway^' and inserting "Construct a 4-lane divided highway"; (15) in item 162, relating to New York, New York, by inserting after "paint" the following: ", $40,000,000, and James A. Farley Post Office, Pennsylvania Station, and associated service buildings: redevelopment, $15,000,000"; (16) in item 193, relating to Corning, New York, by inserting "and other improvements" after "expressway lanes"; and (17) in item 196, relating to Orlando, Florida— (A) by striking "Orlando,"; and (B) by striking "Land" and all that follows through "project" and inserting "One or more regionally significant, intercity ground transportation projects". SEC. 336. CORRECTIONS TO INTERMODAL PROJECTS. The table contained in section 1108(b) of the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 (105 Stat. 2060-2063) is amended—