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PUBLIC LAW 104-66—DEC. 21, 1995 109 STAT. 707 Public Law 104-66 104th Congress An Act Dec. 21, 1995 To provide for the modification or elimination of Federal reporting requirements. [S. 790] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled. Federal Reports „„^ ^^, ^„^ „ ,„„ „ Elimination and SECTION 1. SHORT TITLE. Sunset Act of This Act may be cited as the "Federal Reports Elimination ^^®^- and Sunset Act of 1995". SEC. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS. The table of contents for this Act is as follows: Sec. 1. Short title. Sec. 2. Table of contents. TITLE I—DEPARTMENTS Subtitle A—Department of Agriculture Sec. 1011. Reports eliminated. Sec. 1012. Reports modified. Subtitle B—Department of Commerce Sec. 1021. Reports eliminated. Sec. 1022. Reports modified. Subtitle C—Department of Defense Sec. 1031. Reports eliminated. Subtitle I)—Department of Education Sec. 1041. Reports eliminated. Sec. 1042. Reports modified. Subtitle E—Department of Energy Sec. 1051. Reports eliminated. Sec. 1052. Reports modified. Subtitle F—Department of Health and Human Services Sec. 1061. Reports eliminated. Sec. 1062. Reports modified. Subtitle G—Department of Housing and Urban Development Sec. 1071. Reports eliminated. Sec. 1072. Reports modified. Subtitle H—Department of the Interior Sec. 1081. Reports eliminated. Sec. 1082. Reports modified. Subtitle I—Department of Justice Sec. 1091. Reports eliminated. Subtitle J—Department of Labor Sec. 1101. Reports eliminated.