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PUBLIC LAW 104-88—DEC. 29, 1995 109 STAT. 879 the effective date of this section, to the requirements of sections 10761(a) and 10762, as in effect on the day before such effective date, as such sections relate to a filed tariff rate and other general tariff requirements. "(e) NONAPPLICABILITY OF NEGOTIATED RATE DISPUTE RESOLU- TION PROCEDURE.—I f a person elects to seek enforcement of subsection (a) with respect to a rate for a transportation or service, section 13709 shall not apply to such rate. "(f) DEFINITIONS.— In this section, the term "negotiated rate" means a rate, charge, classification, or rule agreed upon by a motor carrier or freight forwarder and a shipper through negotiations pursuant to which no tariff was lawfully and timely filed and for which there is written evidence of such agreement. "(g) APPLICABILITY TO PENDING CASES. — This section shall apply to all cases and proceedings pending on the effective date of this section. "§ 13712. Government traffic "A carrier providing transportation or service for the United States Government may transport property or individuals for the United States Government without charge or at a rate reduced from the applicable commercial rate. Section 3709 of the Revised Statutes (41 U.S.C. 5) does not apply when transportation for the United States Government can be obtained from a carrier lawfully operating in the area where the transportation would be provided.

    • § 13713. Food and grocery transportation

" (a) CERTAIN COMPENSATION PROHIBITED.— Notwithstanding any other provision of law, it shall not be unlawful for a seller of food and grocery products using a uniform zone delivered pricing system to compensate a customer who picks up purchased food and grocery products at the shipping point of the seller if such compensation is available to all customers of the seller on a nondiscriminatory basis and does not exceed the actual cost to the seller of delivery to such customer. "(b) SENSE OF CONGRESS.—It is the sense of the Congress that any savings accruing to a customer by reason of compensation permitted by subsection (a) of this section should be passed on to the ultimate consumer. " CHAPTER 139—REGISTRATION "Sec. "13901. Requirement for registration. "13902. Registration of motor carriers. "13903. Registration of freight forwarders. "13904. Registration of brokers. "13905. Effective periods of registration. "13906. Security of motor earners, brokers, and freight forwarders. "13907. Household goods agents. "13908. Registration and other reforms. '*§ 13901. Requirement for registration "A person may provide transportation or service subject to jurisdiction under subchapter I or III of chapter 135 or be a broker for transportation subject to jurisdiction under subchapter I of that chapter, only if the person is registered under this chapter to provide the transportation or service.