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PUBLIC LAW 104-134—APR. 26, 1996 110 STAT. 1321-52 (B) is goveraed by a board of directors or other governing body, the majority of which is comprised of attorneys who— (i) are admitted to practice in a State or the District of Columbia; and (ii) are appointed to terms of office on such board or body by the governing body of a State, county, or municipal bar association, the membership of which represents a majority of the attorneys practicing law in the locality in which the organization is to provide legal assistance; (3) a State or local government (without regard to section 1006(a)(l)(A)(ii) of the Legal Services Corporation Act (42 U.S.C. 2996e(a)(l)(A)(ii)); or (4) a substate regional planning or coordination agency that serves a substate area and whose governing board is controlled by locally elected officials. SEC. 503. (a)(1) Not later than April 1, 1996, the Legal Services Corporation shall implement a system of competitive awards of grants and contracts for all basic field programs, which shall apply to all such grants and contracts awarded by the Corporation after March 31, 1996, from funds appropriated in this Act. (2) Any grant or contract awarded before April 1, 1996, by the Legal Services Corporation to a basic field program for 1996— (A) shall not be for an amount greater than the amount required for the period ending March 31, 1996; (B) shall terminate at the end of such period; and (C) shall not be renewable except in accordance with the system implemented under paragraph (1). (3) The amount of grants and contracts awarded before April 1, 1996, by the Legal Services Corporation for basic field programs for 1996 in any geographic area described in section 501 shall not exceed an amount equal to ^12 of the total amount to be distributed for such programs for 1996 in such area. (b) Not later than 60 days after the date of enactment of Regulations, this Act, the Legal Services Corporation shall promulgate regulations to implement a competitive selection process for the recipients of such grants and contracts. (c) Such regulations shall specify selection criteria for the recipients, which shall include— (1) a demonstration of a full understanding of the basic legal needs of the eligible clients to be served and a demonstration of the capability of serving the needs; (2) the quality, feasibility, and cost effectiveness of a plan submitted by an applicant for the delivery of legal assistance to the eligible clients to be served; and (3) the experience of the Legal Services Corporation with the applicant, if the applicant has previously received financial assistance from the Corporation, including the record of the applicant of past compliance with Corporation policies, practices, and restrictions. (d) Such regulations shall ensure that timely notice regarding Publication, an opportunity to submit an application for such an award is published in periodicals of local and State bar associations and in at least 1 daily newspaper of general circulation in the area to be served by the person or entity receiving the award.