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PUBLIC LAW 104-176—AUG. 6, 1996 110 STAT. 1561 "4.2 Meeting jointly at least once annually, and providing for other meetings as deemed necessary for discussion of matters relating to the management of natural resources and visitor use on lands and waters within the Jennings Randolph Lake Project; "4.3 Evaluating natural resources and boating, to develop natural resources and boating management plans and to initiate and carry out management programs; "4.4 Encouraging the dissemination of joint publications, press releases or other public information and the interchange between parties of all pertinent agency policies and objectives for the use and perpetuation of natural resources of the Jennings Randolph Lake Project; and "4.5 Entering into working arrangements as occasion demands for the use of lands, waters, construction and use of buildings and other facilities at the project. "Article V—General Provisions "5.1 Each and every provision of this Compact is subject to the laws of the States of Maryland and West Virginia and the laws of the United States, and the delegated authority in each instance. "5.2 The enforcement and applicability of natural resources and boating laws and regulations referenced in this Compact shall be limited to the lands and waters of the Jennings Randolph Lake Project, including but not limited to the prevailing reciprocal fishing laws and regulations between the States of Maryland and West Virginia. "5.3 Nothing in this Compact shall be construed as obligating any party hereto to the expenditure of funds or the future payment of money in excess of appropriations authorized by law. "5.4 The provisions of this Compact shall be severable, and if any phrase, clause, sentence or provision of the Jennings Randolph Lake Project Compact is declared to be unconstitutional or inapplicable to any signatory party or agency of any party, the constitutionality and applicability of the Compact shall not be otherwise affected as to any provision, party, or agency. It is the legislative intent that the provisions of the Compact be reasonably and liberally construed to effectuate the stated purposes of the Compact. "5.5 No member of or delegate to Congress, or signatory shall be admitted to any share or part of this Compact, or to any benefit that may arise therefrom; but this provision shall not be construed to extend to this agreement if made with a corporation for its general benefit. "5.6 When this Compact has been ratified by the legislature Effective date. of each respective State, when the Governor of West Virginia and the Governor of Maryland have executed this Compact on behalf of their respective States and have caused a verified copy thereof to be filed with the Secretary of State of each respective State, when the Baltimore District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has executed its concurrence with this Compact, and when this Compact has been consented to by the Congress of the United States, then this Compact shall become operative and effective. "5.7 Either State may, by legislative act, after one year's written notice to the other, withdraw from this Compact. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers may withdraw its concurrence with this Compact 29-194O-96 -25:QL3Part2