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B12 SUBJECT INDEX Page Loans—Continued Consumer Credit Reporting Reform Act of 1996 3009-426 Debt Collection Improvement Act of 1996 1321-358 Farm Credit System Reform Act of 1996 162 Federal Agriculture Improvement and Reform Act of 1996 888 Student Loan Marketing Association Reorganization Act of 1996.... 3009-275 Louisiana Emergency Management Assistance Compact, congressional consent 3877 J. Bennett Johnston Waterway, designation 3007 Laura C. Hudson Visitor Center, LA, designation 4188 United States Civil War Center, designation 4171 M Maine Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain Post Office Building, designation 3360 Northeast Interstate Dairy Compact 919 Marine Fisheries See Fish and Wildlife Marine Sanctuaries See Fish and Wildlife Maritime Affairs Coast Guard Authorization Act of 1996 3901 Maritime Security Act of 1996 3118 Naval vessels, transfer 1441 Operation Sail, commendation 3361 Marriage Defense of Marriage Act 2419 Maryland Emergency Management Assistance Compact, congressional consent 3877 Jennings Randolph Lake Project Compact, congressional consent 1557 Metropolitan Washington Airports Amendments Act of 1996 3274 Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Regulation Compact Amendments, consent 3884 Massachusetts Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area, designation 4233 Essex National Heritage Area, establishment 4257 National Marine Fisheries Service Laboratory, conveyance 7 New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park, establishment 4160 Northeast Interstate Dairy Compact Medicaid See Health and Health Care Merchant Marine See Maritime Affairs Mercury See Chemicals Methamphetamine See Drugs and Drug Abuse Metric Conversion Savings in Construction Act of 1996 Middle East See specific country Military See Armed Forces Minerals and Mining Marine Mineral Resources Research Act of 1996 Mining and mineral resources research, appropriation authorization National Coal Heritage Area Act of 1996 Minorities Historically Black Graduate Professional Schools, grant renewal limitation, elimination Missiles See Arms and Munitions Mississippi 1862 Civil War Siege and Battle of Corinth Interpretive Center, MS, establishment Emergency Management Assistance Compact, congressional consent G.V. (Sonny) Montgomery Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, designation Range, designation Missouri Bi-State Development Agency, additional powers Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge, designation Emergency Management Assistance Compact, congressional consent Land conveyance Sammy L. Davis Federal Building, designation Montana Fort Peck Rural County Water Supply System Act of 1996 Morales, Pueblo Mother Teresa Motor Vehicles Anti-Car Theft Improvements Act of 1996 Page 919 3411 3994 3819 4243 1328 4171 3877 2871 2806 . 883 1391 3877 1443 3045 3646 . 804 3021 1384