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110 STAT. 2280 PUBLIC LAW 104-193—AUG. 22, 1996 "(B) the average of the total amounts required to be pgiid to the State for fiscal years 1992 through 1994 under the sections referred to in subparagraph (A); whichever is greater. " (2) REMAINDER. — "(A) GRANTS. —The Secretsiry shall use any amounts appropriated for a fiscal year under psiragraph (3), and remaining after the reservation described in paragraph (4) and after grants are awarded under paragraph (1), to make grants to States under this paragraph. "(B) AMOUNT.—Subject to subparagraph (C), the amount of a grsint awarded to a State for a fiscal year under this paragraph shall be based on the formula used for determining the amount of Federal payments to the State under section 403(n) (as such section was in effect before October 1, 1995). "(C) MATCHING REQUIREMENT.—The Secretary shall pay to each eligible State in a fiscal year an amount, under a grant under subparagraph (A), equ£d to the Federal medical assistance percentage for such State for fiscal year 1995 (as defined in section 1905(b)) of so much of the expenditures by the State for child care in such year as exceed the State set-aside for such State under paragraph (1)(A) for such year and the amount of State expenditures in fiscal year 1994 or 1995 (whichever is greater) that equal the non-Federal share for the programs described in subparagraph (A) of psiragraph (1). " (D) REDISTRIBUTION.— "(i) IN GENERAL.—With respect to any fiscal year, if the Secretary determines (in accordance with clause (ii)) that amounts under any grant awarded to a State under this paragraph for such fiscal year will not be used by such State during such fiscal year for carrying out the purpose for which the grant is made, the Secretary shall make such amounts available in the subsequent fiscal year for carrying out such purpose to one or more States which apply for such funds to the extent the Secretary determines that such States will be able to use such additional amounts for carrying out such purpose. Such available amounts shall be redistributed to a State pursuant to section 403(n) (as such section was in effect before October 1, 1995) by substituting 'the number of children residing in all States applying for such funds' for 'the number of children residing in the United States in the second preceding fiscal year'. " (ii) TIME OF DETERMINATION AND DISTRIBUTION.— The determination of the Secretary under clause (i) for a fiscal year shall be made not later than the end of the first quarter of the subsequent fiscal year. The redistribution of amounts under clause (i) shall be made as close as practicable to the date on which such determination is made. Any amount made available to a State from an appropriation for a fiscal year in accordance with this subparagraph shall, for purposes of this part, be regarded as part of such State's