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PUBLIC LAW 104-201—SEPT. 23, 1996 110 STAT. 2539 Sec. 605. Uniform applicability of discretion to deny an election not to occupy Government quarters. Sec. 606. Establishment of minimum monthly amount of variable housing allowance for high housing cost areas. Sec. 607. Family separation allowance for members separated by military orders from spouses who are members. Sec. 608. Waiver of time limitations for claim for pay and allowances. Subtitle B—Bonuses and Special and Incentive Pays Sec. 611. One-year extension of certain bonuses and special pay authorities for Reserve forces. Sec. 612. One-year extension of certain bonuses and special pay authorities for nurse officer candidates, registered nurses, and nurse anesthetists. Sec. 613. One-year extension of authorities relating to payment of other bonuses and special pays. Sec. 614. Special pay for certain Public Health Service officers. Sec. 615. Special mcentives to recruit and reteiin dental officers. Sec. 616. Foreign language proficiency pay for Public Health Service and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration officers. Subtitle C—Travel and Transportation Allowances Sec. 621. Allowance in connection with shipping motor vehicle at Government expense. Sec. 622. Dislocation allowance at a rate equal to two and one-half months basic allowance for quarters. Sec. 623. Allowance for travel performed in connection with leave between consecutive overseas tours. Sec. 624. Funding for transportation of household effects of Public Health Service officers. Subtitle D—Retired Pay, Survivor Benefits, and Related Matters Sec. 631. Effective date for military retiree cost-of-living adjustment for fiscal year 1998. Sec. 632. Clarification of initial computation of retiree COLAs after retirement. Sec. 633. Suspension of payment of retired pay of members who are absent from the United States to avoid prosecution. Sec. 634. Nonsubstantive restatement of Survivor Benefit Plan statute. Sec. 635. Increases in Survivor Benefit Plan contributions to be effective conciu:- rently with payment of retired pay cost-of-Uving increases. Sec. 636. Amendments to the Uniformed Services Former Spouses' Protection Act. Sec. 637. Prevention of circumvention of covut order by waiver of retired pay to enhance civil service retirement annuity. Sec. 638. Administration of benefits for so-called minimum income widows. Subtitle E^-Other Matters Sec. 651. Discretionary allotment of pay, including retired or retainer pay. Sec. 652. Reimbursement for adoption expenses incurred in adoptions through Wprivate placeme nts, aiver of recoupment of amounts withheld for tax purposes from certain separation pay. Sec. 654. Technical correction clarifying limitation on furnishing clothing or allowances for enlisted National Guard technicians. Sec. 655. Technical correction to prior authority for payment of back pay to certain persons. Sec. 656. Compensation for persons awarded prisoner of war medal who did not previously receive compensation as a prisoner of war. Sec. 657. Pajnnents to certain persons captured and interned by North Vietnam. Subtitle A—Pay and Allowances SEC. 601. MILITARY PAY RAISE FOR FISCAL YEAR 1997. 37 USC 1009 (a) WAIVER OF SECTION 1009 ADJUSTMENT.— Any adjustment required by section 1009 of title 37, United States Code, in elements of compensation of members of the uniformed services to become effective during fiscal year 1997 shall not be made. (b) INCREASE IN BASIC PAY AND BAS. — Effective on January Effective date. 1, 1997, the rates of basic pay and basic allowance for subsistence of members of the uniformed services are increased by 3.0 percent.