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110 STAT. 3009-107 PUBLIC LAW 104-208—SEPT. 30, 1996 components) for the type of equipment or supplies to be transferred have been met; and (B) a statement of whether the items proposed to be transferred will have to be replaced and, if so, how the President proposes to provide funds for such replacement. SEC. 8093. To the extent authorized by subchapter VI of Chapter 148 of title 10, United States Code, the Secretary of Defense shall issue loan guarantees in support of U.S. defense exports not otherwise provided for: Provided, That the total contingent liability of the United States for guarantees issued under the authority of this section may not exceed $15,000,000,000: Provided further, That the exposure fees charged and collected by the Secretary for each guarantee, shall be paid by the country involved and shall not be financed as part of a loan guaranteed by the United States: Provided further. That the Secretary shall provide quarterly reports to the Committees on Appropriations, Armed Services and Foreign Relations of the Senate and the Committees on Appropriations, National Security and International Relations in the House of Representatives on the implementation of this program: Provided further. That amounts charged for administrative fees and deposited to the special account provided for under section 2540c(d) of title 10, shall be available for paying the costs of administrative expenses of the Department of Defense that are attributable to the loan guarantee program under subchapter VI of Chapter 148 of title 10. SEC. 8094. None of the funds available to the Department of Defense shall be obligated or expended to make a financial contribution to the United Nations for the cost of an United Nations peacekeeping activity (whether pursuant to assessment or a voluntary contribution) or for payment of any United States arrearage to the United Nations. SEC. 8095. None of the funds available to the Department of Defense under this Act shall be obligated or expended to pay a contractor under a contract with the Department of Defense for costs of any amount paid by the contractor to an employee when— (1) such costs are for a bonus or otherwise in excess of the normal salary paid by the contractor to the employee; and (2) such bonus is part of restructuring costs associated with a business combination. SEC. 8096. The amount otherwise provided by this Act for "Operation and Maintenance, Air Force" is hereby reduced by $194,500,000, to reflect a reduction in the pass-through to the Air Force business areas of the Defense Business Operations Fund. SEC. 8097. (a) None of the funds appropriated or otherwise made available in this Act may be used to transport or provide for the transportation of chemical munitions or agents to the Johnston Atoll for the purpose of storing or demilitarizing such munitions or agents. (b) The prohibition in subsection (a) shall not apply to any obsolete World War II chemical munition or agent of the United States found in the World War II Pacific Theater of Operations. (c) The President may suspend the application of subsection (a) during a period of war in which the United States is a party. SEC. 8098. None of the funds provided in title II of this Act for "Former Soviet Union Threat Reduction" may be obligated or