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PUBLIC LAW 104-204—SEPT. 26, 1996 110 STAT. 2891 be transferred to the appropriation for the Office of Inspector CJeneral. GOVERNMENT NATIONAL MORTGAGE ASSOCIATION GUARANTEES OF MORTGAGE-BACKED SECURITIES LOAN GUARANTEE PROGRAM ACCOUNT (INCLUDING TRANSFER OF FUNDS) During fiscal year 1997, new commitments to issue guarantees to carry out the purposes of section 306 of the National Housing Act, as amended (12 U.S.C. 1721(g)), shall not exceed $110,000,000,000. For administrative expenses necessary to carry out the guaranteed mortgage-backed securities program, $9,383,000, to be derived from the GNMA-guarantees of mortgage-backed securities guaranteed loan receipt account, of which not to exceed $9,383,000 shall be transferred to the appropriation for departmental salaries and expenses. POLICY DEVELOPMENT AND RESEARCH RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY For contracts, grants, and necessary expenses of programs of research and studies relating to housing and urban problems, not otherwise provided for, as authorized by title V of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1970, as amended (12 U.S.C. 170Iz- 1 et seq.), including carrying out the functions of the Secretary under section l(a)(l)(i) of Reorganization Plan No. 2 of 1968, $34,000,000, to remain available until September 30, 1998. FAIR HOUSING AND EQUAL OPPORTUNITY FAIR HOUSING ACTIVITIES For contracts, grants, and other assistance, not otherwise provided for, as authorized by title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968, as amended by the Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988, and section 561 of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1987, as amended, $30,000,000, to remain available until September 30, 1998, of which $15,000,000 shall be to carry out activities pursuant to section 561. No funds made available under this heading shall be used to lobby the executive or legislative branches of the Federal Government in connection with a specific contract, grant or loan. MANAGEMENT AND ADMINISTRATION SALARIES AND EXPENSES (INCLUDING TRANSFER OF FUNDS) For necessary administrative and non-administrative expenses of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, not otherwise provided for, including not to exceed $7,000 for official reception and representation expenses, $976,840,000, of which