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PUBLIC LAW 104-208—SEPT. 30, 1996 110 STAT. 3009-364 professional liability insurance. A pa3TTnent under this section shall be contingent upon the submission of such information or documentation as the employing agency may require. (b) QUALIFIED EMPLOYEE. — For purposes of this section, the term "qualified employee" means an agency employee whose position is that of— (1) a law enforcement officer; or (2) a supervisor or management official. (c) DEFINITIONS. — For purposes of this section— (1) the term "agency" means an Executive agency, as defined by section 105 of title 5, United States Code, and any agency of the Legislative Branch of Government including any office or committee of the Senate or the House of Representatives; (2) the term "law enforcement officer" means an employee, the duties of whose position are primarily the investigation, apprehension, prosecution, or detention of individuals suspected or convicted of offenses against the criminal laws of the United States, including any law enforcement officer under section 8331(20) or 8401(17) of such title 5, or under section 4823 of title 22, United States Code; (3) the terms "supervisor" and "management official" have the respective meanings given them by section 7103(a) of such title 5, and (4) the term "professional liability insurance" means insurance which provides coverage for— (A) legal liability for damages due to injuries to other persons, damage to their property, or other damage or loss to such other persons (including the expenses of litigation and settlement) resulting from or arising out of any tortious act, error, or omission of the covered individual (whether common law, statutory, or constitutional) while in the performance of such individual's official duties as a qualified employee; and (B) the cost of legal representation for the covered individual in connection with any administrative or judicial proceeding (including any investigation or disciplinary proceeding) relating to any act, error, or omission of the covered individual while in the performance of such individual's official duties as a qualified employee, and other legal costs and fees relating to any such administrative or judicial proceeding. (d) APPLICABILITY.—The amendments made by this section shall take effect on the date of the enactment of this Act and shall apply thereafter. SEC. 637. For purposes of each provision of law amended by 5 USC 5303 note. section 704(a)(2) of the Ethics Reform Act of 1989 (5 U.S.C. 5318 note), no adjustment under section 5303 of title 5, United States Code, shall be considered to have taken effect in fiscal year 1997 in the rates of basic pay for the statutory pay systems. SEC. 638. For FY 1997, the Secretary of the Treasury is authorized to use funds made available to the FSLIC Resolution Fund under P.L. 103-327, not to exceed $26.1 million, to reimburse the Department of Justice for the reasonable expenses of litigation that are incurred in the defense of claims against the U.S. arising from FIRREA and its implementation.