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110 STAT. 3009 -533 PUBLIC LAW 104-208—SEPT. 30, 1996 (4) TASK FORCE. —The term 'Task Force" means the Klamath River Basin Fisheries Task Force as estabhshed by the Klamath River Basin Fishery Resource Restoration Act (Public Law 99-552, 16 U.S.C. 460ss-3, et. seq.). (5) COMPACT COMMISSION.—The term "Compact Commission" means the Klamath River Basin Compact Commission created pursuant to the Klamath River Compact Act of 1954. (6) CONSENSUS. —The term "consensus" means a unanimous agreement by the Working Group members present and consisting of at least a quorum at a regularly scheduled business meeting. (7) QUORUM. —The term "quorum" means one more than half of those qualified Working Group members appointed and eligible to serve. (8) TRINITY TASK FORCE.— The term "Trinity Task Force" means the Trinity River Restoration Task Force created by Public Law 98-541, as amended by Public Law 104-143. (b) IN GENERAL. — (1) The Working Group through the Ecosystem Restoration Office, with technical assistance from the Secretary, will propose ecological restoration projects, economic development and stability projects, and projects designed to reduce the impacts of drought conditions to be undertaken in the Upper Klamath Basin based on a consensus of the Working Group membership. (2) The Secretary shall pay, to the greatest extent feasible, up to 50 percent of the cost of performing any project approved by the Secretary or his designee, up to a total amount of $1,000,000 during each of fiscal years 1997 through 2001. (3) Funds made available under this title through the Department of the Interior or the Department of Agriculture shall be distributed through the Ecosystem Restoration Office. (4) The Ecosystem Restoration Office may utilize not more than 15 percent of all Federal funds administered under this section for administrative costs relating to the implementation of this title. (5) All funding recommendations developed by the Working Group shall be based on a consensus of Working Group members. (c) COORDINATION.— (1) The Secretary shall formulate a cooperative agreement among the Working Group, the Task Force, the Trinity Task Force and the Compact Commission for the purposes of ensuring that projects proposed and funded through the Working Group are consistent with other basin-wide fish and wildlife restoration and conservation plans, including but not limited to plans developed by the Task Force and the Compact Commission. (2) To the greatest extent practicable, the Working Group shall provide notice to, and accept input from, two members each of the Task Force, the Trinity Task Force, and the Compact Commission, so appointed by those entities, for the express purpose of facilitating better communication and coordination regarding additional basin-wide fish and wildlife and ecosystem restoration and planning efforts. The roles and relationships of the entities involved shall be clarified in the cooperative agreement.