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PUBLIC LAW 105-332—OCT. 31, 1998 112 STAT. 3105 "(13) describes how the eHgible agency will adequately address the needs of students in alternative education programs, if appropriate; "(14) describes how the eligible agency will provide local educational agencies, area vocational and technical education schools, and eligible institutions in the State with technical assistance; "(15) describes how vocational and technical education relates to State and regional occupational opportunities; "(16) describes the methods proposed for the joint planning and coordination of programs carried out under this title with other Federal education programs; "(17) describes how funds will be used to promote preparation for nontraditional training and employment; "(18) describes how funds will be used to serve individuals in State correctional institutions; "(19) describes how funds will be used effectively to link secondary and postsecondary education; "(20) the eligible agency will ensure that the data reported to the eligible agency from local educational agencies and eligible institutions under this title and the data the eligible agency reports to the Secretary are complete, accurate, and reliable; and "(21) contains the description and information specified in sections 112(b)(8) and 121(c) of Public Law 105-220 concerning the provision of services only for postsecondary students and school dropouts. "(d) PLAN OPTION. — The eligible agency may fulfill the requirements of subsection (a) by submitting a plan under section 501 ofPublic Law 105-220. " (e) PLAN APPROVAL.— "(1) IN GENERAL. —The Secretary shall approve a State plan, or a revision to an approved State plan, unless the Secretary determines that— "(A) the State plan, or revision, respectively, does not meet the requirements of this section; or "(B) the State's levels of performance on the core indicators of performance consistent with section 113 are not sufficiently rigorous to meet the purpose of this Act. "(2) DISAPPROVAL. — The Secretary shall not finally disapprove a State plan, except after giving the eligible agency notice and an opportunity for a hearing. "(3) CONSULTATION. —The eligible agency shall develop the portion of each State plan relating to the amount and uses of any funds proposed to be reserved for adult vocational and technical education, postsecondary vocational and technical education, tech-prep education, and secondary vocational and technical education after consultation with the State agency responsible for supervision of community colleges, technical institutes, or other 2-year postsecondary institutions primarily engaged in providing postsecondary vocational and technical education, and the State agency responsible for secondary education. If a State agency finds that a portion of the final State plan is objectionable, the State agency shall file such objections with the eligible agency. The eligible agency shall respond to any objections of the State agency in the State plan submitted to the Secretary.