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112 STAT. 3172 PUBLIC LAW 105-337—OCT. 31, 1998 specified changes in personnel management policies or procedures would result in improved personnel management, (b) APPLICABILITY. —Th is Act applies to— (1) Haskell Indian Nations University, located in Lawrence, Kansas; and (2) Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute, located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 25 USC 3731 SEC. 4. AUTHORITY. (a) IN GENERAL.— Each institution named in section 3(b) may conduct a demonstration project in accordance with the provisions of this Act. The conducting of any such demonstration project shall not be limited by any lack of specific authority under title 5, United States Code, to take the action contemplated, or by any provision of such title or any rule or regulation prescribed under such title which is inconsistent with the action, including any provision of law, rule, or regulation relating to— (1) the methods of establishing qualification requirements for, recruitment for, and appointment to positions; (2) the methods of classifying positions and compensating employees; (3) the methods of assigning, reassigning, or promoting employees; (4) the methods of disciplining employees; (5) the methods of providing incentives to employees, including the provision of group or individual incentive bonuses or pay; (6) the hours of work per day or per week; (7) the methods of involving employees, labor organizations, and employee organizations in personnel decisions; and (8) the methods of reducing overall staff and grade levels. (b) CONSULTATION AND OTHER REQUIREMENTS.— Before commencing a demonstration project under this Act, the president of the institution involved shall^ (1) in consultation with the board of regents of the institution and such other persons or representative bodies as the president considers appropriate, develop a plan for such project which identifies— (A) the purposes of the project; (B) the types of employees or eligibles to be included (categorized by occupational series, grade, or organizational unit); (C) the number of employees or eligibles to be included (in the aggregate and by category); (D) the methodology; (E) the duration; (F) the training to be provided; (G) the anticipated costs; (H) the methodology and criteria for evaluation, consistent with subsection (f); (I) a specific description of any aspect of the project for which there is a lack of specific authority; and (J) a specific citation to any provision of law, rule, or regulation which, if not waived, would prohibit the conducting of the project, or any part of the project as proposed; Federal Register, (2) publish the plan in the Federal Register; publication.