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PUBLIC LAW 105-381—NOV. 12, 1998 112 STAT. 3403 1986: Now, therefore, be it is hereby agreed by and between each and all of the Signatories hereto as follows: "ADVISORY COMMITTEE "(1) An advisory committee named the Western Regional Emergency Management Advisory Committee (W-REMAC) shall be established which will include one member appointed by each Signatory. "(2) The W-REMAC will be guided by the agreed-upon Terms of Reference-Annex A. "PRINCIPLES OF COOPERATION "(3) Subject to the laws of each Signatory, the following cooperative principles are to be used as a guide by the Signatories in civil emergency matters which may affect more than one Signatory: "(A) The authorities of each Signatory may seek the advice, cooperation, or assistsince of any other Signatory in any civil emergency matter. "(B) Nothing in the arrangement shall derogate from the applicable laws within the jurisdiction of any Signatory. However, the authorities of any Signatory may request from the authorities of any other signatory appropriate alleviation of such laws if their normal application might lead to delay or difficulty in the rapid execution of necessary civil emergency measures. "(C) Each Signatory will use its best efforts to facilitate the movement of evacuees, refugees, civil emergency personnel, equipment or other resources into or across its territory, or to a designated staging area when it is agreed that such movement or staging will facilitate civil emergency operations by the affected or participating Signatories. "(D) In times of emergency, each Signatory will use its best efforts to ensure that the citizens or residents of any other Signatory present in its territory are provided emergency health services and emergency social services in a manner no less favorable than that provided to its own citizens. "(E) Each Signatory will use discretionary power as far as possible to avoid levy of any tax, tariff, business license, or user fees on the services, equipment, and supplies of any other Signatory which is engaged in civil emergency activities in the territory of another Signatory, and will use its best efforts to encourage local governments or other jurisdictions within its territory to do likewise. "(F) When civil emergency personnel, contracted firms or personnel, vehicles, equipment, or other services from any Signatory are made available to or are employed to assist any other Signatory, all providing Signatories will use best efforts to ensure that charges, levies, or costs for such use or assistance will not exceed those paid for similar use of such resources within their own territory. "(G) Each Signatory will exchange contact lists, warning and notification plans, and selected emergency plans and will call to the attention of their respective local governments and