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112 STAT. 3498 PUBLIC LAW 105-391—NOV. 13, 1998 Sec. 413. Use of nonmonetary consideration in concessions contracts. Sec. 414. Recordkeeping requirements. Sec. 415. Repeal of National Park Service Concessions Policy Act. Sec. 416. Promotion of the sale of Indian, Alaska Native, Native Samoan, and Native Hawaiian handicrafts. Sec. 417. Regulations. Sec. 418. Commercial use authorizations. Sec. 419. Savings provision. TITLE V—FEES FOR USE OF NATIONAL PARK SYSTEM Sec. 501. Fees. Sec. 502. Distribution of golden eagle passport sales. TITLE VI—NATIONAL PARK PASSPORT PROGRAM Sec. 601. Purposes. Sec. 602. National Park passport program. Sec. 603. Administration. Sec. 604. Foreign sales of Gtolden Eagle Passports. Sec. 605. Effect on other laws and programs. TITLE VII—NATIONAL PARK FOUNDATION SUPPORT Sec. 701. Promotion of local fundraising support. TITLE VIII—MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS Sec. 801. United States Park Police. Sec. 802. Leases and cooperative management agreements. 16 USC 5901. SEC. 2. DEFINITION. As used in this Act, the term "Secretary" means the Secretary of the Interior, except as otherwise specifically provided. TITLE I—NATIONAL PARK SERVICE CA- REER DEVELOPMENT, TRAINING, AND MANAGEMENT 16 USC 5911. SEC. 101. PROTECTION, INTERPRETATION, AND RESEARCH IN THE NATIONAL PARK SYSTEM. Recognizing the ever increasing societal pressures being placed upon America's unique natural and cultural resources contained in the National Park System, the Secretary shall continually improve the ability of the National Park Service to provide stateof-the-art management, protection, and interpretation of and research on the resources of the National Park System. 16 USC 5912. SEC. 102. NATIONAL PARK SERVICE EMPLOYEE TRAINING. The Secretary shall develop a comprehensive training program for employees in all professional careers in the work force of the National Park Service for the purpose of assuring that the work force has available the best, up-to-date knowledge, skills and abilities with which to manage, interpret and protect the resources of the National Park System. 16 USC 5913. SEC. 103. MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT AND TRAINING. Within 2 years after the enactment of this Act, the Secretary shall develop a clear plan for management training and development, whereby career, professional National Park Service employees from any appropriate academic field may obtain sufficient training, experience, and advancement opportunity to enable those qualified to move into park management positions, including explicitly the position of superintendent of a unit of the National Park System.