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112 STAT. 3512 PUBLIC LAW 105-391—NOV. 13, 1998 the National Park System in which the funds were collected. The funds deposited into the special account shall remain available until expended. (d) SUBACCOUNT FOR EACH UNIT. — There shall be established within the special account required under subsection (c) a subaccount for each unit of the National Park System. Each subaccount shall be credited with 80 percent of the franchise fees (and other monetary consideration) collected at a single unit of the National Park System under concessions contracts. The funds credited to the subaccount for a unit of the National Park System shall be available for expenditure by the Secretary, without further appropriation, for use at the unit for visitor services and for purposes of funding high-priority and urgently necessary resource management programs and operations. The funds credited to a subaccount shall remain available until expended. 16 USC 5957. SEC. 408. TRANSFER OF CONCESSIONS CONTRACTS. (a) APPROVAL OF THE SECRETARY. — No concessions contract or leasehold surrender interest may be transferred, assigned, sold, or otherwise conveyed or pledged by a concessioner without prior written notification to, and approval by, the Secretary. (b) CONDITIONS. — The Secretary shall approve a transfer or conveyance described in subsection (a) unless the Secretary finds that— (1) the individual, corporation or entity seeking to acquire a concessions contract is not qualified or able to satisfy the terms and conditions of the concessions contract; (2) such transfer or conveyance would have an adverse impact on (A) the protection, conservation, or preservation of the resources of the unit of the National Park System or (B) the provision of necessary and appropriate facilities and services to visitors at reasonable rates and charges; and (3) the terms of such transfer or conveyance are likely, directly or indirectly, to reduce the concessioner's opportunity for a reasonable profit over the remaining term of the contract, adversely affect the quality of facilities and services provided by the concessioner, or result in a need for increased rates and charges to the public to maintain the quality of such facilities and services. (c) TRANSFER TERMS.—The terms and conditions of any contract under this section shall not be subject to modification or open to renegotiation by the Secretary because of a transfer or conveyance described in subsection (a), unless such transfer or conveyance would have an adverse impact as described in paragraph (2) of subsection (b). SEC. 409. NATIONAL PARK SERVICE CONCESSIONS MANAGEMENT 16 USC 5958. ADVISORY BOARD. (a) ESTABLISHMENT.— There is hereby established a National Park Service Concessions Management Advisory Board (in this title referred to as the "Advisory Board") whose purpose shall be to advise the Secretary and National Park Service on matters relating to management of concessions in the National Park System. (b) DUTIES.— (1) ADVICE.— The Advisory Board shall advise on each of the following: