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PUBLIC LAW 106-129—DEC. 6, 1999 113 STAT. 1659 "(1) the use of information systems for the study of health care quality and outcomes, including the generation of both individual provider and plem-level comparative performsince data; "(2) training for health care practitioners and researchers in the use of information systems; "(3) the creation of effective linkages between various sources of health information, including the development of information networks; "(4) the delivery and coordination of evidence-based health care services, including the use of real-time health care decision-support programs; "(5) the utility and comparability of health information data and medical vocabularies by addressing issues related to the content, structure, definitions and coding of such information and data in consultation with appropriate Federal, State and private entities; "(6) the use of computer-based health records in all settings for the development of personed health records for individual health assessment and mainteneince, and for monitoring public health and outcomes of care within populations; and "(7) the protection of individually identifiable information in health services research and health care qusdity improvement. "(b) DEMONSTRATION. —The Agency shall support demonstrations into the use of new information tools edmed at improving shared decision-meiking between patients and their care-givers. "(c) FACILITATING PUBLIC ACCESS TO INFORMATION. —The Director shall work with appropriate public and private sector entities to facilitate public access to information regarding the quality of and consumer satisfaction with health care. "SEC. 915. RESEARCH SUPPORTING PRIMARY CARE AND ACCESS IN 42 USC 299b-4. UNDERSERVED AREAS. " (a) PREVENTIVE SERVICES TASK FORCE.— "(1) ESTABLISHMENT AND PURPOSE. — The Director may periodically convene a Preventive Services Task Force to be composed of individuals with appropriate expertise. Such a task force shall review the scientific evidence related to the effectiveness, appropriateness, and cost-effectiveness of clinical preventive services for the purpose of developing recommendations for the health care community, and updating previous clinical preventive recommendations. "(2) ROLE OF AGENCY.—The Agency shall provide ongoing administrative, research, and teclmicai support for the operations of the Preventive Services Task Force, including coordinating and supporting the dissemination of the recommendations of the Task Force. "(3) OPERATION. —In carrying out its responsibilities under paragraph (1), the Task Force is not subject to the provisions of Appendix 2 of title 5, United States Code. " (b) PRIMARY CARE RESEARCH.— "(1) IN GENERAL.— T here is established within the Agency Establishment, a Center for Primary Care Research (referred to in this subsection as the 'Center') that shall serve as the principal source of funding for primary care practice research in the Department of Health and Human Services. For purposes of this paragraph.