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PUBLIC LAW 106-129—DEC. 6, 1999 113 STAT. 1661 "(2) REQUESTS FOR ASSESSMENTS.—The Director is authorized to conduct or support assessments, on a reimbursable basis, for the Health Care Financing Administration, the Department of Defense, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Office of Personnel Management, and other public or private entities. "(3) GRANTS AND CONTRACTS. — In addition to conducting assessments, the Director may make grants to, or enter into cooperative agreements or contracts with, entities described in paragraph (4) for the purpose of conducting assessments of experimental, emerging, existing, or potentially outmoded health care technologies, and for related activities. "(4) ELIGIBLE ENTITIES.— An entity described in this paragraph is an entity that is determined to be appropriate by the Director, including academic medical centers, research institutions and orgginizations, professional organizations, third party payers, governmental agencies, minority institutions of higher education (such as Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and Hispanic institutions), and consortia of appropriate research entities established for the purpose of conducting technology assessments. " (d) MEDICAL EXAMINATION OF CERTAIN VICTIMS.— "(1) IN GENERAL.—The Director shall develop and dissemi- Reports. nate a report on evidence-based clinical practices for— "(A) the examination and treatment by health professionals of individuals who are victims of sexual assault (including child molestation) or attempted sexual assault; and "(B) the training of health professionals, in consultation with the Health Resources and Services Administration, on performing medical evidentiary examinations of individuals who are victims of child abuse or neglect, sexual assault, elder abuse, or domestic violence. "(2) CERTAIN CONSIDERATIONS. —In identifying the issues to be addressed by the report, the Director shall, to the extent practicable, take into consideration the expertise and experience of Federal and State law enforcement officials regarding the victims referred to in paragraph (1), and of other appropriate public and private entities (including medical societies, victim services organizations, sexual assault prevention organizations, and social services organizations). "SEC. 917. COORDINATION OF FEDERAL GOVERNMENT QUALITY 42 USC 299b-6. IMPROVEMENT EFFORTS. " (a) REQUIREMENT.— "(1) IN GENERAL.—To avoid duplication and ensure that Federal resources are used efficiently and effectively, the Secretary, acting through the Director, shall coordinate all research, evaluations, and demonstrations related to health services research, quality measurement and quality improvement activities undertaken and supported by the Federal (jovernment. "(2) SPECIFIC ACTIVITIES.—The Director, in collaboration with the appropriate Federal officials representing all concerned executive agencies and departments, shall develop and manage a process to—