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113 STAT. 1646 PUBLIC LAW 106-117—NOV. 30, 1999 Sec. 211. Reimbursement of medical expenses of veterans located in Alaska. TITLE III—MISCELLANEOUS MEDICAL PROVISIONS Sec. 301. Review of proposed changes to operation of medical facilities. Sec. 302. Patient services at Department facilities. Sec. 303. Chiropractic treatment. Sec. 304. Designation of hospital bed replacement building at loannis A. Lougaris Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Reno, Nevada. TITLE IV—CONSTRUCTION AND FACILITIES MATTERS Sec. 401. Authorization of major medical facility projects. Sec. 402. Authorization of major medical facility leases. Sec. 403. Authorization of appropriations. TITLE V—BENEFITS AND EMPLOYMENT MATTERS Subtitle A—Compensation and DIC Sec. 501. Dependency and indemnity compensation for surviving spouses of former prisoners of war. Sec. 502. Reinstatement of certain benefits for remarried surviving spouses of veterjins upon termination of their remarriage. Sec. 503. Presumption that bronchiolo-alveolar carcinoma is service-connected. Subtitle B—Employment Sec. 511. Clarification of veterans' civil service employment opportunities. TITLE VI—MEMORIAL AFFAIRS MATTERS Subtitle A—American Battle Monuments Commission Sec. 601. Codification and expansion of authority for World War II memorial. Sec. 602. General authority to solicit and receive contributions. Sec. 603. Intellectual property and related items. Sec. 604. Technical amendments. Subtitle B—National Cemeteries Sec. 611. Establishment of additional national cemeteries. Sec. 612. Use of flat grave markers at Santa Fe National Cemetery, New Mexico. Sec. 613. Independent study on improvements to veterans' cemeteries. Subtitle C—Burial Benefits Sec. 621. Independent study on improvements to veterans' burial benefits. TITLE VII—EDUCATION AND HOUSING MATTERS Subtitle A—Education Matters Sec. 701. Availability of Montgomery GI Bill benefits for preparatory courses for college and graduate school entrance exams. Sec. 702. Determination of eligibility period for members of the Armed Forces commissioned following completion of officer trfiining school. Sec. 703. Report on veterans' education and vocational training oenefits provided by the States. Sec. 704. Technical amendments. Subtitle B—Housing Matters Sec. 711. Extension of authority for housing loans for members of the Selected Reserve. Sec. 712. Technical amendment relating to transitional housing loan guarantee program. TITLE VIII—DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS ADMINISTRATIVE MATTERS Sec. 801. Enhanced quality assurance program within the Veterans Benefits Administration. Sec. 802. Extension of authority to maintain a regional office in the Republic of the Philippines. Sec. 803. Extension of Advisory Committee on Minority Veterans. Sec. 804. Technical amendment to automobile assistance program. TITLE—HOMELESS VETERANS PROGRAMS Sec. 901. Homeless veterans' reintegration programs.