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PUBLIC LAW 106-168—DEC. 12, 1999 113 STAT. 1821 5, United States Code) may prescribe any regulations necessary to carry out this subsection. SEC. 204. CLARIFYING AMENDMENTS. (a) IN GENERAL. —Subsection (f) of section 3304 of title 5, United States Code, as added by section 2 of Public Law 105-339, is amended— (1) by striking paragraph (4); (2) by redesignating paragraphs (2) and (3) as paragraphs (3) and (4), respectively; and (3) by inserting after paragraph (1) the following: "(2) If selected, a preference eligible or veteran described in paragraph (1) shall acquire competitive status and shall receive a career or career-conditional appointment, as appropriate.". (b) EFFECTIVE DATE. —The amendments made by subsection (a) shall take effect as if enacted on October 31, 1998. TITLE III—AMENDMENT TO THE FED- ERAL PROPERTY AND ADMINISTRA- TIVE SERVICES ACT OF 1949 SEC. 301. TRANSFER OF CERTAIN PROPERTY TO STATE AND LOCAL GOVERNMENTS. Section 203(p)(l)(B)(ii) of the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949 (40 U.S.C. 484(p)(l)(B)(ii)) is amended by striking "December 31, 1999." and inserting "July 31, 2000. During the period beginning January 1, 2000, and ending July 31, 2000, the Administrator may not convey any property under subparagraph (A), but may accept, consider, and approve applications for transfer of property under that subparagraph.". Approved December 12, 1999. LEGISLATIVE HISTORY—S. 335 (H.R. 170): HOUSE REPORTS: No. 106-431 accompanying H.R. 170 (Comm. on Government Reform). SENATE REPORTS: No. 106-102 (Comm. on Governmental Affairs). CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, Vol. 145 (1999): Aug. 2, considered and passed Senate. Nov. 9, considered and passed House, amended. Nov. 19, Senate concurred in House amendment. WEEKLY COMPILATION OF PRESIDENTIAL DOCUMENTS, Vol. 35 (1999): Dec. 12, Presidential statement.