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B8 SUBJECT INDEX Page 953 Nuclear Energy National Nuclear Security Administration Act Nurses and Nursing See Health and Health Care oa See Petroleum and Petroleum Products Oklahoma City of Stroud, forgiveness of certain water and waste disposal loans 1182 Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, mineral leasing 979 Oregon Maurine B. Neuberger United States Post Office, designation 1642 Sisters, land conveyance for use as a sewage treatment facility 1708 Pakistan India-Pakistan Relief Act, repeal 1283 Panana Canal Panama Canal Commission Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2000 974 Parks, Rosa 50 Patents and Trademarks American Inventors Protection Act of 1999 1501A-552 Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act 1501A-545 Copyrights, technical corrections 221 Domestic Publication of Foreign Filed Patent Applications Act of 1999 1501A-561 First Inventor Defense Act of 1999 1501A-555 Intellectual Property and Conununications Omnibus Reform Act of 1999 1501A-521 Optional Inter Partes Rexamination Procedure Act of 1999 150 lA-567 Patent and Trademark Fees Fairness Act of 1999 1501A-554 Patent and Trademark Office Efficiency Act 1501A-572 Patent Fee Integrity and Innovation Protection Act of 1999 217 Patent Term Guarantee Act of 1999 1501A-557 Trademark Amendments Act of 1999 218 Peace Corps Appropriation authorization for fiscal years 2000 through 2003 55 Pennsylvania Freeman Hankins Post Office Building, designation 1499 Page Gateway Visitor Center Authorization Act of 1999 1678 Max Weiner Post Office Building, designation 1499 Pennsylvania Battlefields Protection Act of 1999 1298 Roxanne H. Jones Post Office Building, designation 1499 Petroleum and Petroleum Products Emergency Oil and Gas Guaranteed Loan Program Act 255 Emergency Steel Loan Guarantee and Emergency Oil and Gas Guaranteed Loan Act ofl999 252 Prisoners of War John William Rolen Act 1573 Proclamations Contiguous zone of the United States 2138 Deaths Albert Gore, Sr 2040 Harry A. Blackmun 2057 King Hussein 2052 Mongolia, normal trade relations treatment, extension 2105 Russian Federation, import of steel products 2118 Serbia and Montenegro (Federal Republic of Yugoslavia), immigration and nonimmigrant entry, suspension 2175 Special observances Adoption Month 2025, 2170 African American History Month 2049 America Groes Back to School 2137 America Recycles Day 2176 American Heart Month 2051 American Indian Heritage Month 2024, 2172 American Red Cross Month 2053 Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month 2076 Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2149 Cancer Control Month 2062 Captive Nations Week 2117 Child Abuse Prevention Month 2063 Child Health Day 2155 Child Mental Health Month 2171 Children's Day 2162 Children's Memorial Day 2042 Citizenship Day 2142 Coliunbus Day 2163 Constitution Week 2142 Consumer Protection Week 2048 Crime Victims' Rights Week 2073 D.A.R.E. Day 2066 Day of Concern About Young People and Gun Violence 2167 Day of Prayer 2081 Defense Transportation Day 2086