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114 STAT. 2392 PUBLIC LAW 106-513—NOV. 13, 2000 "(A) draws its membership from individuals, private organizations, corporations, academic institutions, or State and local governments; and "(B) is established to promote the understanding of, education relating to, and the conservation of the resources of a particular sanctuary or 2 or more related sanctuaries.". SEC. 18. ESTABLISHMENT OF DR. NANCY FOSTER SCHOLARSHIP PRO- GRAM. The National Marine Sanctuaries Act (16 U.S.C. 1431 et seq.) is amended by inserting afler section 317 the following: 16 USC 1445c. "SEC. 318. DR. NANCY FOSTER SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM. " (a) ESTABLISHMENT. — The Secretary shall establish and administer through the National Ocean Service the Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship Program. Under the program, the Secretary shall award graduate education scholarships in oceanography, marine biology or maritime archeology, to be known as Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarships. "(b) PURPOSES. —The purposes of the Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship Program are— "(1) to recognize outstanding scholarship in oceanography, marine biology, or maritime archeology, particularly by women and members of minority groups; and "(2) to encourage independent graduate level research in oceanography, marine biology, or maritime archeology. "(c) AWARD,—Each Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship— "(1) shall be used to support graduate studies in oceanography, marine biology, or maritime archeology at a graduate level institution of higher education; and "(2) shall be awarded in accordance with guidelines issued by the Secretary. "(d) DISTRIBUTION OF FUNDS. —The amount of each Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship shall be provided directly to a recipient selected by the Secretary upon receipt of certification that the recipient will adhere to a specific and detailed plan of study and research approved by a graduate level institution of higher education. "(e) FUNDING.—Of the amount available each fiscal year to carry out this title, the Secretary shall award 1 percent as Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarships. "(f) SCHOLARSHIP REPAYMENT REQUIREMENT.— The Secretary shall require an individual receiving a scholarship under this section to repay the full amount of the scholarship to the Secretary if the Secretary determines that the individual, in obtaining or using the scholarship, engaged in fraudulent conduct or failed to comply with any term or condition of the scholarship. "(g) MARITIME ARCHEOLOGY DEFINED. —In this section the term 'maritime archeology' includes the curation, preservation, and display of maritime artifacts.". SEC. 19. CLERICAL AMENDMENTS. (a) CORRECTION OF REFERENCES TO FORMER COMMITTEE.— The following provisions are amended by striking "Merchant Marine and Fisheries" and inserting "Resources": (1) Section 303(b)(2)(A) (16 U.S.C. 1433(b)(2)(A)). (2) Section 304(a)(6) (16 U.S.C. 1434(a)(6)). (b) CORRECTION OF REFERENCE TO RENAMED ACT.— (1) Section 16 USC 1432. 302(2) is amended to read as follows: