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114 STAT. 2486 PUBLIC LAW 106-522—NOV. 22, 2000 located at the Lorton Correctional Complex north of Silverbrook Road, and consisting of more than 200 acres identified in the Fairfax County Reuse Plan, dated July 26, 1999, as land available for residential development in Land Units 1 and 2 (hereafter in this paragraph referred to as the 'Laurel Hill Residential Land'), the actual exchange to occur no later than December 31, 2001. "(B) TERMS AND CONDITIONS. —(i) When Fairfax County transfers fee simple title to Meadowood Farm to the Secretary of the Interior, the Administrator of General Services shall simultaneously transfer to the County the Laurel Hill Residential Land. "(ii) The transfer of property to Fairfax County, Virginia, under clause (i) shall be subject to such terms and conditions that the Administrator of General Services considers to be appropriate to protect the interests of the United States. "(iii) Any proceeds derived from the sale of the Laurel Hill Residential Land by Fairfax County that exceed the Countys cost of acquiring, financing (which shall be deemed a County cost from the time of financing of the Meadowood Farm acquisition to the receipt of proceeds of the sale or sales of the Laurel Hill Residential Land until such time as the proceeds of such sale or sales exceed the acquisition and financing costs of Meadowood Farm to the County), preparing, and conveying Meadowood Farm and costs incurred for improving, preparing, and conveying the Laurel Hill Residential Land shall be remitted to the United States and deposited into the special fund established pursuant to paragraph (4)(A)(viii). "(C) MANAGEMENT OF PROPERTY.—The property transferred to the Secretary of the Interior under this section shall be managed by the Bureau of Land Management for public use and recreation purposes.". SEC. 166. Section 158(b) of the District of Columbia Appropriations Act, 2000 (Public Law 106-113; 113 Stat. 1527) is amended to read as follows: "(b) SOURCE OF FUNDS; TRANSFER. —An amount not to exceed $5,000,000 from the Nationsil Highway System funds apportioned to the District of Columbia under section 104 of title 23, United States Code, may be used for purposes of carrying out the project under subsection (a).". SEC. 167. The explanatory language contained in the Joint Explanatory Statement of the Committee of Conference for District of Columbia Appropriations contained in the Conference Report to accompany H.R. 4942 of the 106th Congress shall be considered to constitute a joint explanatory statement of a committee of conference for the provisions in this Act. References in this joint statement to the conference agreement mean the provisions in this Act, references to the House bill mean the House passed version of H.R. 4942, and references to the Senate bill mean the Senate passed amendment to H.R. 4942.