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114 STAT. 2702 PUBLIC LAW 106-541—DEC. 11, 2000 (2) if the Secretary and the Secretary of the Interior determine that a conveyance should be completed under paragraph (1), provide notice of the intent of the Secretary to complete the conveyance to the lessee of each affected cabin site; (3) survey each cabin site to determine the acreage and legal description of the cabin site area, including land identified under paragraph (1); (4) take such actions as are necessary to ensure compliance with all applicable environmental laws; (5) prepare permanent easements or deed restrictions to be enforceable by the Secretary of the Interior or an acceptable third party, to be placed on a cabin site before conveyance out of Federal ownership in order to— (A) comply with the Act of May 18, 1938 (16 U.S.C. 833 et seq.); (B) comply with any other laws (including regulations); (C) ensure the maintenance of existing and adequate public access to and along Fort Peck Lake; (D) limit future uses of the cabin site to— (i) noncommercial, single-family use; and (ii) the type and intensity of use of the cabin site as of the date of enactment of this Act; and (E) maintain the values of the Refuge; and (6) conduct an appraisal of each cabin site (including any expansion of the cabin site under paragraph (1)) that— (A) is carried out in accordance with the Uniform Appraisal Standards for Federal Land Acquisition; (B) excludes the value of any private improvement to the cabin site; and (C) takes into consideration— (i) any easement or deed restriction determined to be necessary under paragraph (5) and subsection (h); and (ii) the definition of "cabin site" under section 803(2). (d) CONSULTATION AND PUBLIC INVOLVEMENT.— The Secretary shall— (1) carry out subsections (b) and (c) in consultation with— (A) affected lessees; (B) affected counties in the State of Montana; and (C) the Association; and (2) hold public hearings, and provide all interested parties with notice and an opportunity to comment, on the activities carried out under this section. (e) CONVEYANCE.— Subject to subsections (h) and (i) and section 808(b), the Secretary or, if necessary, the Secretary of the Interior shall convey a cabin site by individual patent or deed to the lessee under this title— (1) if the cabin site complies with Federal, State, and county septic and water quality laws (including regulations); (2) if the lessee complies with other requirements of this section; and (3) after receipt of the payment from the lessee for the cabin site of an amount equal to the sum of— (A) the appraised fair market value of the cabin site as determined in accordance with subsection (c)(6); and