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PUBLIC LAW 106-553—APPENDIX A 114 STAT. 2762A-21 the index specific information on any severance clause in effect under any such contract. (b) PUBLIC INSPECTION. —The index maintained under subsection (a) shall be kept available for public inspection during regular business hours. (c) CONTRACTS EXEMPTED.— Subsection (a) shall not apply with respect to any collective bargaining agreement or any contract entered into pursuant to such a collective bargaining agreement. (d) DISTRICT GOVERNMENT DEFINED. — In this section, the term "District government" means the government of the District of Columbia, including— (1) any department, agency or instrumentality of the government of the District of Columbia; (2) any independent agency of the District of Columbia established under part F of title IV of the District of Columbia Home Rule Act or any other agency, board, or commission established by the Mayor or the Council; (3) the Council of the District of Columbia; (4) any other agency, public authority, or public benefit corporation which has the authority to receive monies directly or indirectly from the District of Columbia (other than monies received from the sale of goods, the provision of services, or the loaning of funds to the District of Columbia); and (5) the District of Columbia Financial Responsibility and Management Assistance Authority. (e) No payment shall be made pursuant to any such contract subject to subsection (a), nor any severance payment made under such contract, if a copy of the contract has not been filed in the index. Interested parties may file copies of their contract or severance agreement in the index on their own behalf. SEC. 105. No part of any appropriation contained in this Act shall remain available for obligation beyond the current fiscal year unless expressly so provided herein. SEC. 106. No funds appropriated in this Act for the District of Columbia government for the operation of educational institutions, the compensation of personnel, or for other educational purposes may be used to permit, encourage, facilitate, or further partisan political activities. Nothing herein is intended to prohibit the availability of school buildings for the use of any community or partisan political group during non-school hours. SEC. 107. None of the funds appropriated in this Act shall be made available to pay the salary of any employee of the District of Columbia government whose name, title, grade, salary, past work experience, and salary history are not available for inspection by the House and Senate Committees on Appropriations, the House Committee on Government Reform, the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs, and the Council of the District of Columbia, or their duly authorized representative. SEC. 108. There are appropriated from the applicable funds of the District of Columbia such sums as may be necessary for making payments authorized by the District of Columbia Revenue Recovery Act of 1977 (D.C. Law 2-20; D.C. Code, sec. 47-421 et seq.). SEC. 109. No part of this appropriation shall be used for publicity or propaganda purposes or implementation of any policy including boycott designed to support or defeat legislation pending before Congress or any State legislature.