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[121 STAT. 1221]
[121 STAT. 1221]
PUBLIC LAW 110-000—MMMM. DD, 2007

PUBLIC LAW 110–114—NOV. 8, 2007

121 STAT. 1221

(e) JUSTIFICATION.—The reconstruction of a project authorized by this section shall not be considered a separable element of the project. (f) AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS.—There is authorized to be appropriated $50,000,000 to carry out this section. SEC. 5071. ILLINOIS RIVER BASIN RESTORATION.

(a) EXTENSION OF AUTHORIZATION.—Section 519(c)(2) of the Water Resources Development Act of 2000 (114 Stat. 2654) is amended by striking ‘‘2004’’ and inserting ‘‘2010’’. (b) MAXIMUM FEDERAL SHARE.—Section 519(c)(3) of such Act (114 Stat. 2654) is amended by striking ‘‘$5,000,000’’ and inserting ‘‘$20,000,000’’. (c) IN-KIND SERVICES.—Section 519(g)(3) of such Act (114 Stat. 2655) is amended by inserting before the period at the end of the first sentence ‘‘if such services are provided not more than 5 years before the date of initiation of the project or activity’’. (d) MONITORING.—Section 519 of such Act (114 Stat. 2654) is amended by adding at the end the following: ‘‘(h) MONITORING.—The Secretary shall develop an Illinois River basin monitoring program to support the plan developed under subsection (b). Data collected under the monitoring program shall incorporate data provided by the State of Illinois and shall be publicly accessible through electronic means, including on the Internet.’’.

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(a) REVIEW.— (1) IN GENERAL.—The Secretary shall conduct a third-party review of the Promontory Point feature of the project for storm damage reduction and shoreline erosion protection, Lake Michigan, Illinois, from Wilmette, Illinois, to the IllinoisIndiana State line, authorized by section 101(a)(12) of the Water Resources Development Act of 1996 (110 Stat. 3664), at a cost not to exceed $450,000. (2) JOINT REVIEW.—The Buffalo and Seattle Districts of the Corps of Engineers shall jointly conduct the review under paragraph (1). (3) STANDARDS.—The review under paragraph (1) shall be based on the standards under part 68 of title 36, Code of Federal Regulations (or any successor regulation). (b) CONTRIBUTIONS.—The Secretary may accept funds from a State or political subdivision of a State to conduct the review under paragraph (1). (c) TREATMENT.—The review under paragraph (1) shall not be considered to be an element of the project referred to in paragraph (1). (d) EFFECT OF SECTION.—Nothing in this section shall be construed to affect the authorization for the project referred to in paragraph (1). SEC. 5073. KASKASKIA RIVER BASIN, ILLINOIS, RESTORATION.

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(a) KASKASKIA RIVER BASIN DEFINED.—In this section, the term ‘‘Kaskaskia River Basin’’ means the Kaskaskia River, Illinois, its backwaters, its side channels, and all tributaries, including their watersheds, draining into the Kaskaskia River. (b) COMPREHENSIVE PLAN.—

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